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    Generate Stunning ADs with ChatGPT from Just a Product Link | Tutorial

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    Generate Stunning ADs with ChatGPT from Just a Product Link | Tutorial

    Welcome back to Corbin AI, where we provide daily artificial intelligence videos to help you leverage AI in your personal and business life. In today's video, we will explore a plugin called ChatGPT, which allows us to access machine learning tools for creating ad and product images. This plugin is currently free and offers impressive capabilities, so let's dive in and see how it works.

    Step 1: Enabling the ChatGPT Plugin

    Before we begin, you need to have a ChatGPT Plus account, which costs $ 20 per month. Once you have the account, enable the plugin in your settings as a beta feature. There are two main plugins to enable: "rAdolf" (or "OddWolf Ads") and "WebPilot." WebPilot plugin allows us to access the internet and fetch data, which we will leverage in this tutorial.

    Step 2: Exploring the ChatGPT Plugin's Capabilities

    To get an idea of what this plugin can do, let's ask about its capabilities. The plugin, called "Best Ever Plugin" in the backend, offers three main capabilities: suggestions for the developer, product image extraction from Amazon listings, and ad generation based on those images.

    Step 3: Extracting Product Images and Generating Ads

    To extract product images, you can provide an online listing link from Amazon, and the plugin will use its webpilot capabilities to fetch the images. You can then customize the extracted images and use them for ad copy. The plugin generates ad templates organically, without relying on predefined templates. You can further customize the ad layout by providing instructions, such as modifying the image position, cropping, or adjusting text style.


    With the ChatGPT plugin, you can easily extract product images from Amazon listings and generate attractive ads based on those images. While the plugin is still in beta, it shows promising capabilities for ad image creation. Once you have the output ad image, you can further enhance the resolution using tools like Finally, you can use free design software like Canva to fine-tune the ad design and create stunning visuals.


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    Q: What is ChatGPT?

    ChatGPT is a plugin that enables access to machine learning tools for ad and product image creation. It offers capabilities like product image extraction from online listings and ad generation.

    Q: How much does ChatGPT Plus cost?

    ChatGPT Plus account costs $ 20 per month.

    Q: Can I customize the ad layout?

    Yes, you can provide instructions to the plugin to customize the ad layout, such as modifying the image position, cropping, and adjusting text style.

    Q: How can I enhance the resolution of the ad images?

    You can use tools like to enhance the resolution of the ad images generated by ChatGPT.

    Q: Which design software can I use for further ad design?

    You can use free design software like Canva to fine-tune the ad design and create visually appealing ads.

    Q: Is ChatGPT free to use?

    The ChatGPT plugin is currently free to use, but it is in beta and may have paid features in the future.

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