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    Generative floor plan design using AI- #ai #architecture

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    Generative floor plan design using AI- #ai #architecture

    Hello everyone, welcome back to the hockey lab! In this article, we will explore the use of, a generative design tool for residential planning. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this innovative tool for designing floor plans and visualizing exteriors.

    To begin, head to Google and search for Click on the first link to access the website. Once there, you can explore the features and click on "get started" to sign up using your Gmail account. Create a new project and select the AI tool you want to work with. For this tutorial, we will focus on the residential plan generator. After naming your project, select the residential plan generator and proceed to create a new project.

    Click on "I agree" and adjust the settings as needed. You can choose to use the "surprise me" option to generate a random floor plan design. Customize the design by selecting preferred options and adding them to your design library. Export the plans in JPEG and DXF formats.

    Next, let's delve into the visualizer feature. Provide a prompt for the exterior view you want to create and click on "generate" to see four design options. Explore these options to visualize your design from the exterior.

    Thank you for following along with this tutorial on using for generative floor plan design.


    AI, architecture, floor plan, design,, residential planning, generative design, visualizer, exterior view


    • What is is a generative design tool used for residential planning that utilizes AI technology.
    • How can I start using for floor plan design? To start using, visit the website, sign up with your Gmail account, create a new project, and select the residential plan generator tool.
    • Can I customize the floor plans generated by Yes, you can customize the floor plans by adjusting settings and parameters or selecting specific design options before exporting them.

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