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    Genius Students Caught Cheating with AI

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    Genius Students Caught Cheating with AI

    In 2019, Elon Musk's non-profit OpenAI created a text-generating AI that was deemed too dangerous to release due to its realistic output. This AI, known as GPT-3, was dumbed down initially, but over time it became smarter and started producing human-like texts. Fast forward to 2022, and some students have leveraged GPT-3 to complete their homework faster by providing it with essay prompts, saving them hours of research. These students even took it a step further by completing assignments for their peers in exchange for money, sparking a debate on the ethical and legal implications of their actions.

    The identity of these students remains anonymous, and the educational system is grappling with whether this form of AI-assisted completion of homework is acceptable. While the students argue that it enhances their efficiency, some educators point out that it may hinder their actual writing development in the long run.


    • Cheating
    • AI
    • GPT-3
    • Homework
    • Efficiency
    • Education
    • Ethics


    1. Are the students involved in using AI for completing homework facing any consequences?
    2. How has the traditional education system responded to this form of AI-assisted cheating?
    3. What are the ethical concerns surrounding students using AI to complete their assignments?
    4. Is using AI to generate essays considered plagiarism?

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