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    Get VIRAL hooks EVERY TIME using Custom GPTs - Step-By-Step how to use AI to craft the perfect hook!

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    Get VIRAL hooks EVERY TIME using Custom GPTs - Step-By-Step how to use AI to craft the perfect hook!

    Are you struggling to create captivating hooks for your social media posts? With the new custom GPT feature from Chat GPT, crafting engaging hooks has never been easier. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to build a custom GPT to generate the perfect viral hooks for your social media content.

    To begin, log into Chat GPT and access the custom GPT feature by becoming a Plus member. Once you have access, create a new custom GPT and provide prompts for the type of hooks you want to generate. You can tailor the voice, tone, and style of interaction for your custom GPT to suit the specific audience and platform you are targeting.

    Next, upload a knowledge base document containing examples of viral hooks that have proven successful in the past. This will guide your custom GPT to generate hooks based on these examples, ensuring a consistent and focused approach to hook writing.

    After configuring your custom GPT, you can test it out by providing prompts and generating viral hooks for various social media topics. By following these steps, you can effortlessly create compelling hooks that grab your viewers' attention and drive engagement on your social media channels.


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    1. Can anyone use the custom GPT feature on Chat GPT?

      • To access the custom GPT feature, users need to be a Plus member, which requires a monthly subscription fee.
    2. Do I need coding knowledge to create a custom GPT for viral hooks?

      • No, you can easily build a custom GPT on Chat GPT without any coding skills. Simply provide prompts and upload a knowledge base document to guide the GPT in generating hooks.
    3. How can a custom GPT help me improve my social media engagement?

      • By using a custom GPT tailored to your specific audience and platform, you can consistently create captivating hooks that resonate with your followers and attract more engagement to your social media posts.

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