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    Get the TikTok Algorithm to LOVE your content

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    Get the TikTok Algorithm to LOVE your Content

    Are you stuck in the dreaded 200 view jail on TikTok? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we will break down nine strategies to help you break free from low views and start getting the TikTok algorithm to favor your content.

    1. Your Topics and Ideas Aren't Interesting

    The first and most crucial aspect is to make sure your topics and ideas are captivating. Your hook should be strong enough to stop people from scrolling and compel them to watch your video. Work on perfecting the first 10 seconds of your video to grab viewers' attention. Additionally, focus on generating fresh and exciting ideas that pique people's curiosity. Look for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok to find ideas that people are willing to take a chance on.

    2. Your Presence on Camera is Not Enjoyable for the Viewer

    It's important to make your on-camera presence enjoyable for viewers. Practice speaking clearly, using proper body language, and showing off your personality. Confidence is key, so believe in yourself and get plenty of practice in front of the camera. Pay attention to your lighting and location as well, ensuring that your videos are well-lit and visually appealing.

    3. Your Content Isn't Eligible for the "For You" Feed

    To gain visibility on TikTok, your content needs to be eligible for the "For You" feed. Avoid using copyrighted content, as TikTok has become stricter about taking down such content promptly. Be mindful of using content from YouTube as well, as TikTok can detect if it has been previously posted. Keep your videos dynamic and avoid using static or excessively short videos. Be cautious about discussing certain sensitive topics, as TikTok has guidelines regarding what can be openly discussed.

    4. TikTok Doesn't Know What Your Account is About

    When starting as a new creator, TikTok may struggle to categorize your account and understand what it's about. To overcome this, optimize your profile and provide some explicit details about the content you will be sharing. Consistently creating content in a specific niche also helps TikTok categorize your account correctly.

    5. Your Content Isn't Valuable

    The value of your content is determined by the viewers, not by you. Make sure your content provides education, inspiration, or entertainment to the end-user. Continuously test and analyze your videos' performance to understand what resonates with your audience and adjust your approach accordingly.

    6. Your Content is Selfish

    While expressing yourself is important, prioritize creating content that solves problems or addresses the interests of your viewers. Stay away from blindly copying and pasting trends or using CapCut templates. By offering unique and valuable content, you'll stand out from the crowd.

    7. You Can't Get Viewers to Watch a Second Video

    Engagement is crucial on TikTok, and you want your viewers to watch more than just one of your videos. Encourage engagement by using video tags or replying to comments with videos. Creating a series or going live can also increase engagement and encourage viewers to watch more of your content.

    8. Your SEO and Profile Optimization

    Optimize your profile and make sure it clearly communicates what your account is about. Utilize proper SEO techniques by using relevant keywords in your video descriptions and captions. Consistently categorizing your content helps the algorithm understand your account better and serves your content to the right audience.

    9. Be Uniquely Engaging

    Polarize your content by having strong opinions and standing your ground on relevant subjects. Encourage interaction by asking questions, seeking feedback, and sparking conversations in the comments section. Utilize TikTok's live feature to engage with your audience and promote further interaction.


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    Q: How can I make my content more engaging? A: Try implementing strong hooks in the first few seconds, focus on unique ideas, and tap into trending topics that your target audience finds interesting.

    Q: Is it essential to optimize my profile for TikTok's algorithm? A: Yes, optimizing your profile is crucial as it helps the algorithm understand your content and categorize it appropriately.

    Q: How can I get viewers to watch more than one of my videos? A: Encourage engagement by using video tags, replying to comments with videos, creating a series, or going live to keep viewers interested and watching more of your content.

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