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    Google Slides AI Tool that Creates Your Whole Presentation!

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    Google Slides AI Tool that Creates Your Whole Presentation!

    I just discovered a remarkable Google Slides plug-in that can automatically generate an entire presentation from scratch based on the topic you provide and the number of slides you want. This tool, powered by AI, can create your presentation in less than a minute, completely free of charge. Let's delve into this innovative tool called Magic Slides.

    I installed the Magic Slides app from the Google Workspace Marketplace, and after granting the necessary permissions, I was ready to see it in action. With just a prompt and specifying the number of slides I desired, along with optional information, I initiated the tool to create a presentation on the history of Indonesia.

    The AI-powered Magic Slides quickly worked its magic, generating slides on various aspects such as origin, cultural traditions, signature foods, landmarks, people, and hospitality of Indonesia. Within seconds, a basic outline of the presentation was ready for further customization.

    After a few minutes of additional tweaking and adding visuals, the presentation began to take shape. While it may not have been the most polished presentation, it showcased the efficiency and effectiveness of using automation to create engaging slides in a short amount of time.

    If you're interested in learning more about enhancing the visual appeal of your Google Slides presentations, you can watch a video tutorial on creating beautiful and professional presentations. Automation tools like Magic Slides can significantly streamline the process and help you save time while creating impactful presentations.

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    1. How does the Google Slides AI tool work? The Google Slides AI tool, known as Magic Slides, utilizes artificial intelligence to generate entire presentations based on given prompts and desired slide numbers.

    2. Is the AI-powered presentation creation tool free to use? Yes, the tool is free to use and can swiftly create presentations in less than a minute, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for users.

    3. Can the generated presentations be customized further? While the AI tool generates a basic outline, users have the flexibility to customize and enhance the presentation with additional information, visuals, and formatting to suit their preferences and requirements.

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