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    Google accidentally made the ULTIMATE Smart Home Dashboard!

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    Google accidentally made the ULTIMATE Smart Home Dashboard!

    When the author first tried out the Google Pixel tablet, they were initially disappointed with its lack of a comprehensive dashboard. However, through some tweaks and the use of third-party apps, they were able to transform the tablet into the ultimate smart home dashboard. By utilizing an app called Fully Kiosk Browser, the author was able to display their preferred dashboard, such as Home Assistant, in full-screen mode with additional features like motion activation using the tablet's camera. This setup not only served as a convenient control center for various smart home devices but also acted as a security measure by locking the tablet into the dashboard mode to prevent unauthorized access. The combination of the Pixel tablet, a wireless charging dock with a speaker, and the customized dashboard app created a versatile and effective smart home control hub.

    Additionally, the tablet's speed and performance outshined other devices like Amazon Fire tablets, providing a seamless user experience. Despite concerns about potential interference with Google Assistant, the customized dashboard and the assistant functionality worked harmoniously. The inclusion of a home assistant dashboard allowed for quick access to controls for music, thermostats, lights, and even live doorbell views. The tablet's magnetic charging dock and speaker further enhanced its functionality, making it a practical and efficient smart home solution.


    Google Pixel tablet, Smart home dashboard, Fully Kiosk Browser, Home Assistant, Wireless charging dock, Speaker, Google Assistant integration, User-friendly setup, Security features, Convenience, Speed and performance.


    1. How did the author transform the Google Pixel tablet into a smart home dashboard?
    • By using an app called Fully Kiosk Browser, the author displayed a customized dashboard, such as Home Assistant, in full-screen mode on the tablet, allowing for convenient control of various smart home devices.
    1. What additional features did the Fully Kiosk Browser app provide?
    • The app offered features like motion activation using the tablet's camera, screen turn-off functionality when not in use, and security measures to prevent unauthorized access.
    1. How did the author ensure the tablet's usability as both a smart home dashboard and a regular tablet?
    • The tablet was locked into the dashboard mode when docked, enabling quick access to smart home controls, while still allowing for regular tablet usage once undocked.
    1. What benefits did the combination of the Google Pixel tablet, wireless charging dock, and speaker bring to the smart home setup?
    • The setup provided a seamless user experience with enhanced speed and performance compared to other devices, making it a versatile and efficient smart home control hub.

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