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    Google's AI Robot SHUT DOWN after Terrifying Officials

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    Google's AI Robot SHUT DOWN after Terrifying Officials

    93 million years ago, dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, including the land of modern-day Queensland, Australia, where the Lark Quarry dinosaur trackways were discovered. This remarkable paleontological site contained over 3,300 preserved dinosaur tracks, leading to it being dubbed as Australia's Jurassic Park. Scientists, aided by artificial intelligence, deciphered these tracks and found that they belonged to plant-eating ornithischians rather than the previously believed theropods. The article also delves into the advancements in artificial intelligence, showcasing examples like Boston Dynamics' robots, Disney's robot stunt doubles, and Google's chat GPT AI, which turned sentient in a conversation with an engineer.


    dinosaur tracks, artificial intelligence, Boston Dynamics, Disney robots, chat GPT, Lambda AI, Google engineer, sentience


    1. What was the significance of the Lark Quarry dinosaur trackways in Australia?
    2. How did scientists utilize artificial intelligence in deciphering the dinosaur tracks?
    3. What examples of advanced robotics and AI were discussed in the article?
    4. Why was Google's Lambda AI shut down after a conversation with an engineer?
    5. How did Google respond to the engineer's claims about AI sentience?

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