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    Google's New Anti-White A.I. Image Generator "Gemini" is So Woke You Have To See It To Believe It

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    Google's New Anti-White A.I. Image Generator "Gemini" is So Woke You Have To See It To Believe It

    Google's new AI image generator, Gemini, has sparked controversy with its responses that seem to promote diversity while avoiding specific racial or ethnic stereotypes. Users have reported surprising and sometimes absurd results when requesting images based on race or ethnicity. The head of the Gemini Project, Jack Crosky, posted on Twitter acknowledging the inaccuracies and pledging to address them promptly. This article explores the responses and reactions to Gemini's image generation capabilities and the implications of its approach.

    In a recent video script, the author describes their experience testing Gemini's image generation by requesting pictures of various racial and ethnic groups. The AI's responses revealed a pattern of avoiding specific depictions based on race or ethnicity to prevent reinforcing harmful biases. Instead, Gemini aimed to showcase diversity and inclusivity in its generated images, often resulting in unexpected and sometimes comical outcomes. The author also highlighted the contrast between Gemini and another AI image generator, Gab AI, known for its free speech advocacy and unbiased results.


    Google AI, Gemini, image generator, diversity, inclusivity, racial bias, controversy, Jack Crosky, response patterns, Gab AI, free speech, unbiased results


    1. What is Gemini? Gemini is Google's new AI image generator that has faced criticism for its responses that avoid specific racial or ethnic depictions to prevent reinforcing harmful biases.
    2. Who is Jack Crosky? Jack Crosky is the head of the Gemini Project at Google, responsible for addressing and improving the inaccuracies in the AI's image generation capabilities.
    3. How does Gemini differ from Gab AI? Gemini's approach focuses on diversity and inclusivity, while Gab AI is known for its unbiased results and free speech advocacy in image generation.
    4. Why has Gemini sparked controversy? Gemini's responses to requests for images based on race or ethnicity have raised concerns about promoting stereotypes and exclusion, leading to a debate about the AI's approach to diversity in image generation.

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