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    Growing A TikTok Page From Scratch Episode 2 (Full Editing Guide Inside)

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    Growing A TikTok Page From Scratch Episode 2 (Full Editing Guide Inside)

    Welcome back to Episode 2 of "Growing A TikTok Page From Scratch"! In this episode, we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create videos like mine for free using only your phone. But before we dive into the editing process, let's talk about some updates.

    Since the last episode, I got accepted into the TikTok Creativity Program. While my videos haven't gone viral yet, I have earned around $ 733 from the program, which is a decent start. The RPM (amount earned per 1,000 qualified views) on this new account is better than my other page, giving me the potential to earn over $ 500 from a single viral video.

    However, it's important to note that not every view translates into income. The TikTok Creativity Program only considers qualified views, which are views where the viewer stays for 5 seconds or more. So, it's essential to keep this in mind when analyzing revenue and not make assumptions about others in the program.

    Now, let's address the gap between my last video and this one. It was intentional. I wanted to test if posting every other day or every few days might lead to videos performing better. I noticed that several successful TikTok pages posted less frequently, and their videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views. While one page I reached out to said they post daily, I still wanted to test my theory. So, in the next episode, I will reveal the results of this experiment and whether posting less frequently made a difference.

    Before we move on to the editing tutorial, let me clarify the time I spent warming up this new account. Initially, TikTok restricted my actions on the account for a few days, preventing me from following others. After that, it took me an additional two to three days to curate my feed and warm up the account. So, in total, it took around three days to get the account up and running.

    Now, let's jump into the step-by-step guide on how to create similar videos to mine:

    1. First, browse through your liked videos to find clips you want to use in your own video. Make sure you have curated your feed beforehand to simplify this process. Look for clips that align with your desired video theme or message.

    2. Find the original videos on YouTube by searching for the creators' names or specific terms mentioned in the video. You can also use YouTube transcript websites to directly search for specific words or phrases. Download the necessary clips and import them into a video editing app like CapCut.

    3. Crop and resize the clips to fit the TikTok format (9:16 aspect ratio) using CapCut. Make sure they are of a suitable size, and adjust any audio issues or remove background music if necessary. You can use AI software to remove vocals from video clips if needed.

    4. Add captions using CapCut's auto-captions feature. Batch edit the captions to ensure they flow smoothly and are visually appealing. Consider enhancing readability with shadows or borders if necessary.

    5. Select appropriate music for your video. Look for trending sounds on TikTok or add your own music. Ensure that the audio does not overpower the voices in the video. Adjust the volume levels to create a balanced audio experience.

    6. Finalize the video by adding filters or branding elements, such as a black and white filter for consistency. Edit the captions further by fading them in and out when needed for a seamless viewing experience.

    7. Once you are satisfied with the video, export it and draft it on TikTok. Add relevant hashtags and a concise description to increase visibility. Consider adding the audio directly on TikTok to minimize the risk of your video being muted.

    Now, let's summarize the article with some keywords:

    Keyword: TikTok, video editing, tutorial, growth strategies, TikTok Creativity Program, revenue, qualified views, posting frequency, warm-up period, YouTube transcript, CapCut, cropping, resizing, AI software, vocal removal, captions, music, audio balancing, filters, branding elements, hashtags, description.


    1. How long does it take to warm up a TikTok account? Depending on various factors, such as limitations set by TikTok, it could take a few days to warm up a new account, during which you can curate your feed and prepare for content creation.

    2. Can I use copyrighted music on TikTok? TikTok has copyright policies in place, and using copyrighted music without permission could result in your video being muted or removed. It's best to use soundtracks from TikTok's library or find royalty-free or creative commons-licensed music.

    3. How can I make money through affiliate marketing on TikTok? To make money through affiliate marketing on TikTok, you can partner with brands and promote their products or services using unique affiliate links. Whenever someone purchases through your link, you earn a commission.

    4. Are there any tips for catching viewers' attention on TikTok? Yes, making your videos visually appealing, using captivating captions, adding trendy music, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule can help catch viewers' attention and increase engagement.

    5. How can I grow my TikTok page without using paid promotions? By creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags, collaborating with other creators, and leveraging trends, you can organically grow your TikTok page without paid promotions.

    Thank you for joining us for Episode 2 of "Growing A TikTok Page From Scratch." We hope this editing guide will help you create amazing videos and succeed on TikTok. Stay tuned for the next episode where we will reveal the results of our posting frequency experiment and discuss additional monetization strategies.

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