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    So, you've decided to join TikTok and create content, but the process of getting your videos seen is proving to be an uphill battle. The hurdles faced by English-speaking creators in Europe are significant, as simply posting content won't guarantee any visibility. To overcome this, some drastic measures like changing your location using a new SIM card and factory resetting your phone are suggested, highlighting the extreme lengths one may need to go to in order to reach a wider audience on the platform. The struggle to navigate TikTok's algorithm and regions can feel like an endless maze, with barriers preventing organic growth unless these complex workarounds are implemented.


    • TikTok
    • Algorithm
    • Content creation
    • Visibility
    • Region
    • Hurdles
    • English-speaking creators
    • SIM card
    • Factory reset
    • Audience growth


    • Why do English-speaking creators in Europe face challenges on TikTok? English-speaking creators in Europe struggle to gain visibility on TikTok due to the platform's algorithm and regional restrictions, which limit the reach of their content.

    • What extreme measures are suggested to overcome TikTok's algorithm barriers? Some creators resort to changing their location by using a new SIM card, factory resetting their phones, and navigating around barriers to improve their chances of reaching a wider audience.

    • Is organic growth possible on TikTok without implementing complex workarounds? Without taking drastic steps to manipulate location and visibility settings, achieving organic growth on TikTok can be difficult for creators trying to expand their reach beyond their immediate region.

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