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    HOW TO Change Color of any Object | Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

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    HOW TO Change Color of any Object | DaVinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

    To change the color of any object in DaVinci Resolve, follow these steps:

    1. Select your clip and go to the color page.
    2. Choose the qualifier and select the color in the image that you want to change.
    3. Click on Highlights to view the selected color.
    4. Use the picker tool to add and select any missing parts of the color.
    5. If you accidentally selected more than you intended, create a rough mask using the window tool.
    6. Track the moving object by dragging the window back and forth.
    7. Utilize the Curve window Hue versus U to change the color of the selected object.
    8. Create points on the curve to adjust the color as desired.
    9. Deselect the highlights to view the color accurately.
    10. Increase the saturation of the color by selecting the saturation tab in the Curve window and adjusting the saturation level.

    Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more video editing tutorials. Like and follow for speedy learning!


    DaVinci Resolve, Change Color, Object, Color Page, Qualifier, Highlights, Picker Tool, Rough Mask, Track Moving Object, Curve Window, Hue vs. Saturation, Saturation.


    1. How can I change the color of an object in DaVinci Resolve?

      • To change the color of an object in DaVinci Resolve, select the clip, access the color page, use the qualifier to choose the color you want to modify, and then adjust the color using the Curve window.
    2. What is the function of the rough mask in DaVinci Resolve?

      • The rough mask in DaVinci Resolve is used to refine the selection of the color you want to change on an object, especially when you've selected more than necessary.

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