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    HOW TO GROW FASTER ON TIKTOK IN 2024 (TikTok Algorithm Change)

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    HOW TO GROW FASTER ON TIKTOK IN 2024 (TikTok Algorithm Change)

    Are you looking to grow your TikTok following? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the changes in the TikTok algorithm that can help you gain followers quickly. But before we dive into the strategies, let's address three common mistakes that can hinder your reach on the platform.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    1. Avoid adding small text on the screen and placing it off to the side. This advice might have been given to you in the past, but it is detrimental to your TikTok growth. Small text reduces search engine optimization (SEO) and makes your videos ineligible for the "For You" page. It may even lead to TikTok labeling your account as spam.

    2. Stop deleting posts. Deleting your content sends the wrong signal to TikTok. Just like in a conversation, if someone stops responding for a week and then reaches out again, there's less inclination to engage. The same applies to TikTok. When you delete a post, TikTok assumes you are not committed, and your reach suffers.

    3. Avoid paying for promoted posts. Paid promotions reinforce bad habits and don't guarantee growth. Creating good content is key to gaining views organically. TikTok will push your content to a wider audience if it meets their criteria, without costing you a single dollar.

    Strategies to Grow on TikTok

    Now let's explore strategies that can help you grow faster on TikTok in 2024:

    1. Use Trending Sounds

    Using trending sounds within your content is crucial. Due to major music labels pulling their songs from TikTok, there is a vacuum in trending sounds. TikTok needs to populate the app with new sounds to encourage musicians to engage on the platform. Look for trending songs in the "Viral Music Charts" or "Top 50" section and use them in your videos. Keep an eye on the momentum of each sound and choose those gaining traction for better reach.

    2. Edit Your Content for Authenticity

    While highly edited content performed well in the past, TikTok's current trend favors authenticity. However, your content should still include specific elements:

    • Add text using TikTok's text feature.
    • Maintain a fast-paced style by changing backgrounds or using the green screen feature.
    • Choose sounds and music that complement your content's emotion. A good match can enhance the overall appeal and increase engagement.

    3. Increase Post Length

    Start creating longer content to align with TikTok's new landscape orientation. TikTok plans to introduce a feature similar to YouTube, allowing scrolling through long-form content. Being ahead of the curve means creating content over one minute long. If you're already doing that, consider increasing the length to three to five minutes. Longer videos attract more views, helping TikTok push your content to a wider audience.

    4. Pay Attention to the 70% and 10% Rules

    To optimize your reach, apply the 10% rule. Search for content related to what you want to post. Check the most liked videos to estimate the number of views they receive. Don't expect more views than the most popular ones in that category.

    Additionally, ensure you retain 70% of your audience within the first three seconds of your video. This retention rate indicates viewer interest and increases the chances of TikTok sharing your content with a broader audience.


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    1. What are the common mistakes to avoid on TikTok?

      • Adding small text off to the side.
      • Deleting posts.
      • Paying for promoted posts.
    2. How can I grow faster on TikTok in 2024?

      • Use trending sounds in your content.
      • Edit your content for authenticity and add text using TikTok's features.
      • Increase the length of your posts to align with TikTok's new landscape orientation.
      • Pay attention to the 70% and 10% rules for optimizing reach.
    3. Will longer videos receive more views on TikTok?

      • Yes, TikTok aims to push content over 60 seconds long, and more than 50% of users watch content of that length. Longer videos have the potential to attract more views.
    4. How can I estimate the number of views my content will receive?

      • Apply the 10% rule by checking the likes on similar content. The likes can give you a rough idea of the number of views those videos receive.

    By implementing these strategies and avoiding common mistakes, you can maximize your growth on TikTok and reach a wider audience in 2024. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your following and potentially monetize your TikTok account. Act now and start implementing these strategies to accelerate your TikTok growth!

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