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    HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2024 | I’ve grown by 200,000 in 1 year using these strategies

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    HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2024 | I’ve grown by 200,000 in 1 year using these strategies

    Growing on TikTok may seem more challenging than ever, but with the right strategies, tactics, tips, and hacks, you can overcome this hurdle. In this article, I will share the techniques that have helped me gain 200,000 followers in just one year. Let's dive in!

    Frequency: The Key to Growth

    Although we may wish for overnight success, the truth is posting three to five TikToks per week is crucial for growth. In fact, posting three to five videos per day from Monday to Friday can make a significant difference in how quickly you see results. Each video has a long shelf life and can continue gaining momentum for months or even years. Even if your videos don't perform immediately, don't be discouraged—as time goes on, they may start gaining massive traction.

    Utilize Text on Screen

    Since many users watch TikTok with the sound off, adding text on screen is a massive opportunity to grab people's attention. Place attention-grabbing phrases or captions above your head, ensuring viewers can understand the content without sound. Emojis can also enhance this strategy—use clickbaity emojis that make people curious and eager to pay attention.

    The Three by Three Hashtag Strategy

    For small creators with less than a hundred thousand followers, the three by three hashtag strategy has proven to be highly effective. Using one to three hashtags that describe your target audience, one to three hashtags related to the content in your video, and one to three hashtags explaining the importance of your video (pain points), can significantly boost your growth. Please let me know if you would like a tutorial on the 3x3 strategy.

    Jump Cuts or Text On Screen?

    When it comes to video editing, you have two paths to choose from: jump cuts or text on screen. Jump cuts act as attention resets, with different angles and backgrounds to draw viewers back in. Alternatively, videos without jump cuts can be shorter, with an emphasis on text on screen. Shorter video lengths ensure viewers watch the entire video multiple times, increasing retention and expanding your reach.

    SEO Captions for Enhanced Discoverability

    Implementing SEO captions with relevant keywords can improve your video's discoverability within the TikTok app. Research tools like SEMrush, VidIQ, TubeBuddy, or Answer the Public can provide inspiration for keywords and phrases that people are actively searching for. Incorporate these keywords into your video's caption to boost its visibility and reach a wider audience.

    The Value and Variety Strategy

    One of my favorite strategies for TikTok growth is focusing on value and variety. Providing valuable content within your specialty or niche is essential, but it's equally important to showcase your personality and interests outside of your expertise. This variety allows audiences to connect with you on a personal level and see you as a multi-dimensional creator or brand.

    Crafting Juicy Hooks for Maximum Engagement

    Creating powerful hooks for your videos can make a significant difference in attracting viewers. A captivating hook, both in your opening statement and visually on-screen, ensures people are intrigued and want to continue watching. Emphasizing the quality of your hooks can help increase your video's reach and engagement.

    Balancing Value and Call To Action

    While hooks are crucial, it's important to strike a balance between providing value and including a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your videos. The hook captures attention, the value keeps viewers engaged, and the CTA directs them on the action you want them to take. By giving a step-by-step recipe, process, or framework within your content, viewers can take notes and implement your teachings.

    Outbound Engagement for Networking

    Engaging with other TikTok creators through comments and interactions is an effective way to build your network and gain outbound engagement. Leave positive or neutral comments on viral content and establish connections with other creators. This strategy can lead to more interactions and potential collaborations in the future.

    With these strategies, you'll be well on your way to growing your TikTok following and expanding your reach. Don't forget to check out the TikTok resources I've provided in the article's bio. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to leave a comment. Happy TikToking!


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    1. How frequently should I post on TikTok to grow my following? Posting three to five TikToks per day from Monday to Friday is recommended for optimal growth. Consistency is key in reaching a larger audience and maximizing your video's visibility.

    2. Should I focus on jump cuts or text on screen in my videos? Both jump cuts and text on screen can be effective, depending on your content style and target audience. Jump cuts can keep viewers engaged by offering different angles, while text on screen is essential for capturing attention when viewers have their sound off.

    3. How do I make my videos discoverable on TikTok? Implementing SEO captions with relevant keywords can improve your video's discoverability within the TikTok app. Use keyword research tools to find popular search terms and include them in your captions.

    4. How can I balance providing value and including a call-to-action in my videos? When delivering value, make sure to provide viewers with a step-by-step process, recipe, or framework they can easily follow. Additionally, include a clear call-to-action that directs viewers on the action you want them to take, such as following your account, liking, or sharing the video.

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