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    Welcome back to my channel! In this video, we'll be discussing how to increase your engagement rates on Instagram. While growing your Instagram following and increasing engagement are different strategies, both are essential for building a successful brand on the platform. In a previous video, I covered strategies to grow on Instagram in 2022, but today, we'll focus specifically on increasing engagement rates. So, let's get right into it!

    Step 1: Analyze Your Insights

    The first thing you should do when aiming to increase engagement is to analyze your Instagram insights. From your insights, you can determine which area you want to improve engagement in – whether it's story views, likes and comments on your feed posts, or the number of plays on your reels. Understanding your current performance will help guide your strategy moving forward.

    Step 2: Boosting Story Engagement

    To increase engagement on your Instagram stories, consider implementing the following strategies:

    1. Let Your Stories Expire: Sometimes, Instagram just needs a little refresh. When your story views drop, allow your stories to expire, and then come back with engaging content. This can lead to a significant increase in story views.

    2. Utilize Stickers: Instagram offers a variety of stickers that can encourage your audience to engage with your stories. One of my favorites is the "Share Yours" sticker, which fosters interactivity and potentially expands your reach.

    3. Encourage Opinions: People love sharing their opinions, so create opportunities for them to do so. Host competitions, ask for advice, or create polls where your audience can vote and share their thoughts.

    4. Mix Up Your Content: Don't limit yourself to one niche. Share personal stories and connect with your audience on a personal level. Sometimes, the best-performing stories are the ones that have nothing to do with your niche.

    5. Engage in DMs: Although not directly related to posting stories, engaging in direct messages can help push your stories higher in your followers' ranking. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of your stories being seen.

    Step 3: Increasing Feed Post Engagement

    To boost engagement on your feed posts, follow these strategies:

    1. Pre-Posting Engagement: Before you make a new post, spend 30 minutes engaging with other posts in your industry. Comment on competitors' posts or engage with top posts under relevant hashtags. This outreach can help drive engagement back to your profile.

    2. Post Stories Prior to Posting: Share a few stories before making a feed post. This increases interactions with your profile, signaling to Instagram that your followers are interested in your content.

    3. Post Engagement: After making a new feed post, focus on these three activities:

      • Like comments on your previous day's post to pop into people's notifications and remind them of your presence.
      • Respond to every new comment on your latest post.
      • Spend 30 minutes engaging with your current followers by commenting on their posts. This strengthens connections and signals to Instagram that your content should be pushed to them.

    Step 4: Maximizing Reel Engagement

    To increase engagement on your Instagram reels, consider the following strategies:

    1. Utilize Insights: Examine your reel insights, focusing on plays, likes, or comments – depending on your desired outcome. Determine which reels perform well in terms of engagement and learn from them.

    2. Share Reels to Your Feed: Always post your reels to your main feed first. This ensures they are pushed to your followers, gaining initial traction and ranking better in the Explore page.

    3. Share Reels to Stories: Although sharing all your reels to stories can be overwhelming, select a few that align with your story's purpose. This way, your audience can engage with your reels while enjoying a personal connection.

    4. Incorporate Unpopular Opinions: Create reels that share controversial or unpopular opinions. These reels tend to perform well as they attract both supporters and critics – both forms of engagement in Instagram's eyes.

    5. Utilize Trending Audios: If a creator within your niche posts a reel with an original audio, use that audio promptly. Their followers are likely interested in the same audio, increasing the chances of your reel being seen.

    By implementing these strategies across your stories, feed posts, and reels, you can significantly enhance your Instagram engagement rates.

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    Q1: How do I check my Instagram insights? To check your Instagram insights, go to your profile, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, and select "Insights." From there, you can navigate to various sections like stories, posts, or reels to view specific insights on your content's performance.

    Q2: How often should I let my Instagram stories expire? The frequency of letting your Instagram stories expire depends on your posting schedule and the level of engagement you're receiving. If you notice a decline in story views, consider letting your stories expire and then create new engaging content. Experiment with different timeframes to find what works best for you.

    Q3: How can commenting on other users' posts improve engagement? By commenting on other users' posts within your industry, you establish connections and may attract their followers to engage with your content. This reciprocal engagement can lead to increased visibility and engagement on your own posts.

    Q4: Should I prioritize plays, likes, or comments on Instagram reels? The choice between prioritizing plays, likes, or comments on Instagram reels depends on your specific goals and content strategy. If you want to focus on reach and exposure, plays might be your primary metric. However, if you're looking for deeper engagement and connection with your audience, likes and comments may take precedence.

    Q5: How often should I respond to comments on my posts? It's a good practice to respond to comments on your posts as soon as possible. Aim to engage with your audience within 24 hours of their comment. Responding promptly shows that you value their input and encourages further engagement.

    These strategies and tips should help you increase your Instagram engagement rates in 2024. Remember to analyze your insights regularly, experiment with different techniques, and stay connected with your Instagram community.

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