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    Hi, I'm Tony from Songwriters Chop Shop. In this article, I'll be discussing how to write a memorable song hook. A hook is a catchy and memorable element in a song that can be found in various sections, not just the chorus. Specifically focusing on vocal melodies and hooks, we'll explore key factors like melodic motifs, repetition, and variation, as well as vocals, to create something universally appealing yet distinct. Let's dive in.

    Firstly, keep it short and simple. Most catchy songs have short titles with strong imagery, emotional or literal, or phonetically pleasing sounds. Utilizing rhythm and repetition makes hooks catchy. Iconic hooks often use two to four notes based on the pentatonic scale, emphasizing rhythm and repetition. Wordless lyrics with vowel sounds help in making hooks easy to remember and sing. Call-and-response techniques increase singability, and unique pronunciation, rhythm, and reserved notes can make hooks stand out.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming parts that will delve deeper into setting up and framing your hook to enhance its memorability and catchiness.

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