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    Today, we will walk through creating an AI animation effect using a technique similar to one used by Malik. This effect involves using AI to alter a raw video clip using just a few keywords, resulting in a visually stunning outcome. Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to achieve this effect in your own videos.

    To begin, mark the sections in your video where you want to add AI-generated images by adding markers. Then, export these marked segments as a sequence of JPEG images. Next, upload these images to an AI software like Dali, where you can manipulate and blend them with the original frames using text-based commands. The AI software generates new images based on your input, seamlessly integrating them into the original video frames.

    Once you have created and saved the altered frames, import them back into your video editing software. Align the frames with the marked sections in your video, adjusting the duration and speed as needed to achieve the desired effect. Play back the video to see the AI-generated images blended with the original footage, creating a captivating visual experience.

    Don't forget to apply additional effects like time lapses, motion blur, and color grading to enhance the overall look of your video. Experiment with different settings and adjustments to customize the effect further and make it uniquely yours.



    1. What is the AI animation effect tutorial about?

      • This tutorial guides you through using AI to enhance your video clips by adding and manipulating images seamlessly.
    2. What software is recommended for creating the AI animation effect?

      • Dali is suggested in the tutorial for generating AI images and blending them into video frames.
    3. How can I make the AI animation effect smoother?

      • By optimizing the duration, speed, and applying video quality enhancements like optical flow, you can achieve a smoother and more visually appealing AI animation effect.

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