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    Here’s how I got covid & went viral on TikTok #shorts

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    Here’s how I got covid & went viral on TikTok #shorts

    In 2018, I signed up for Tick Tock, which later became TikTok, after being invited by direct message. It wasn't until the onset of the pandemic in 2020 that I began creating videos, experimenting with various content including skits and dances. In December 2020, I created a character named Sasha with a Russian accent, which propelled me to viral fame after posting a video in January 2021. This led me to amassing millions of followers and opportunities to work with major companies. Subsequently, I became a part of Vigo Social as the creative director, helping Fortune 5000 companies with their content strategies across various social media platforms and industries.


    TikTok, viral, pandemic, character, creativity, content creation, social media, opportunities, success


    1. How did the pandemic influence the creation of the character Sasha and the subsequent viral success on TikTok?
    2. What was the pivotal moment that propelled the author to fame and collaboration with major companies?
    3. How did the role at Vigo Social as a creative director impact the author's career and content creation strategies?

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