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    Here’s how to change your niche on Tiktok #tiktokbeginners #algoritmotiktok #smallbusinesstiktok #s

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    Here’s how to change your niche on Tiktok

    #tiktokbeginners #algoritmotiktok #smallbusinesstiktok

    If you find yourself wanting to burn your TikTok account to the ground just because you feel stuck in a niche you no longer resonate with, hold off on that decision. Imagine your account as a big old ship - when you first create your account and choose your niche, you're essentially directing TikTok in terms of the audience you want to reach. If you decide to change your niche, it's like trying to steer this big ship in a new direction. This process takes time, and it may not happen instantly. Give it about six to eight weeks for TikTok's algorithm to adjust and start steering your content towards your new niche. Deleting your account isn't necessary; all you need is patience as you navigate towards your new content direction.


    TikTok, niche change, algorithm adjustment, patience, content direction


    Q: How long does it take for TikTok to adjust to a new niche?

    A: Generally, it takes about six to eight weeks for TikTok's algorithm to align your content with your new niche direction.

    Q: Is deleting my TikTok account necessary if I want to change my niche?

    A: No, deleting your account is not required. Simply be patient as TikTok slowly adjusts the audience for your new content direction.

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