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    Hisense Chromebook Last Word review ( Walmart Chromebook )

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    Hisense Chromebook Last Word review (Walmart Chromebook)

    All right, guys, welcome back to another review, this time focusing on the Walmart exclusive Hisense Chromebook. The reviewer is pleasantly surprised by the performance and build quality of this budget-friendly Chromebook, highlighting its grip, comfortable keyboard and trackpad, and overall aesthetics. They mention that the Chromebook is great for basic tasks like browsing, social media, and light photo editing. However, they point out some drawbacks such as the washed-out screen colors, average webcam quality, and fingerprint magnet back cover. Despite these minor flaws, the Hisense Chromebook is deemed a good value for its price.


    Hisense Chromebook, Walmart exclusive, budget-friendly, grip, comfortable keyboard, trackpad, washed-out screen colors, webcam quality, fingerprint magnet, good value.


    1. Is the Hisense Chromebook a good budget option for basic tasks?
    • Yes, the Hisense Chromebook is praised for its performance in basic tasks like browsing, social media, and light photo editing at a budget-friendly price.
    1. How is the screen quality of the Hisense Chromebook?
    • The reviewer notes that the screen colors can appear washed out, but it is still acceptable for general use.
    1. What are some standout features of the Hisense Chromebook?
    • The Hisense Chromebook is commended for its comfortable keyboard, responsive trackpad, and overall aesthetics, making it a good-looking Chromebook for its price point.

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