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    Hitfilm : How to Adjust Brightness & Contrast (2024)

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    Hitfilm : How to Adjust Brightness & Contrast (2024)

    Hey guys! In today's video, we will show you how to adjust brightness and contrast in Hitfilm. To start, add a video clip to your timeline and then navigate to the Effect panel. In the search box within the effects panel, type "brightness" to locate the Brightness and Contrast effect. Drag it from the FX panel and drop it onto your video clip. Next, go to the Control panel and open the Brightness and Contrast settings. Adjust the sliders for both brightness and contrast according to your preferences. Moving the brightness slider to the right increases brightness, while moving it to the left decreases it. Similarly, adjusting the contrast slider changes the difference between light and dark areas in the video. Play your video to preview the changes made, and continue adjusting the sliders until you achieve your desired brightness and contrast levels. Finally, proceed to export your video. If you found this tutorial helpful, please consider subscribing and liking the video.


    Hitfilm, Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Video Editing, FX Panel, Control Panel, Sliders, Tutorial


    1. Does Hitfilm offer a variety of effects for video editing besides adjusting brightness and contrast?
    2. Can the adjustments made to the brightness and contrast be keyframed for gradual changes throughout the video?
    3. Is Hitfilm suitable for both beginners and advanced video editors seeking to enhance their projects?

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