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    How AI Could Empower Any Business | Andrew Ng | TED

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    How AI Could Empower Any Business | Andrew Ng | TED

    By the rise of literacy a few hundred years ago, many people in society believed that not everyone needed to read or write. However, as literacy became more widespread, the value of enabling everyone to read and write became apparent. Today, AI has the potential to revolutionize businesses, but it has been largely concentrated in big tech companies. Andrew Ng discusses how democratizing access to AI could empower small businesses and individuals to harness the power of AI for their specific needs.


    • Literacy
    • AI Engineers
    • Big Tech Companies
    • Small Businesses
    • AI Development Platforms
    • Data
    • Custom AI Systems
    • Democratizing Access


    • How has the rise of literacy historically impacted society's perception of education and communication?
    • Why have big tech companies been the primary beneficiaries of AI development?
    • What platforms are emerging to shift the focus from coding to data provision for building AI systems?
    • How can small businesses and individuals benefit from democratizing access to AI technologies?
    • What potential does empowering everyone to build AI systems hold for the future of businesses and society as a whole?

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