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    How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms | WSJ

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    How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms | WSJ

    Teachers at a primary school in China are utilizing advanced technology to monitor and enhance students' learning experiences. Headbands are being used to measure each student's level of concentration, with the data being sent directly to the teacher's computer and parents. China's focus on becoming a global leader in artificial intelligence is evident in various aspects of daily life, from a cashless economy to high-tech education initiatives in schools. This article explores the use of AI in Chinese classrooms, highlighting the benefits and concerns surrounding these innovative approaches.


    China, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Technology, Monitoring, Students, Concentration, Privacy, Concerns, Innovation


    1. What technology is being used in Chinese classrooms to monitor students' concentration levels?
    2. How is the data collected by AI devices in schools utilized by teachers and parents?
    3. What are some of the concerns raised by experts and citizens regarding the use of artificial intelligence in education?
    4. How is China positioning itself to become a global leader in AI technology in various sectors, including education?
    5. How are students responding to the implementation of high-tech tools like brainwave sensing gadgets and location-tracking chips in schools?

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