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    How Concrete Homes Are Built With A 3D Printer | Insider Art

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    How Concrete Homes Are Built With A 3D Printer | Insider Art

    Eamon Usain, the Director of 3D Printing at Alquist, leads the team at Aqua Tree in focusing on printing affordable homes for communities. Their homes range from 1500 to 1300 square feet for single-family residences, utilizing large-scale construction 3D printers. The process involves setting up the printer on-site and using a mixing and pumping system for the material. The construction method is similar to a desktop 3D printer, with each layer being around three-quarters of an inch thick. The nozzle design is customizable, allowing for different aesthetic finishes. The team at Aqua Tree is committed to training local individuals to operate the printers, ensuring job creation rather than replacement.


    • 3D printing
    • Affordable housing
    • Construction technology
    • Large-scale printers
    • Job creation
    • Local hiring


    • How are the concrete homes built using 3D printers different from traditional construction methods?
    • What is the role of the nozzle design in the construction process?
    • How does Aqua Tree ensure job creation rather than job replacement with the introduction of 3D printers for construction?

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