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    How I COLOUR GRADE my Footage with AI + Free LUTs

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    How I COLOR GRADE my Footage with AI + Free LUTs

    In the world of AI tools, there are numerous options available for various image editing tasks. However, when it comes to professional color grading, there seems to be a lack of suitable AI solutions. While products like RunwayML offer color grading AI, they may not be ideal for professional work. But recently, I stumbled upon a method that combines the power of DaVinci Resolve and Mid Journey AI to achieve impressive color grading results. This method is completely free, as both DaVinci Resolve and Mid Journey offer free versions of their software.

    Step 1: Identify the Style and Footage

    Before starting the color grading process, it is essential to identify the desired style and the characteristics of the footage. This includes determining the look you want to achieve, such as a classic cinematic look or a specific film emulation. Understanding the time of day, lighting conditions, and overall ambiance of the footage will help guide the color grading process.

    Step 2: Using Mid Journey AI

    Mid Journey is an AI-based tool that can generate stunning images based on provided descriptions. By describing your image and desired look, Mid Journey produces impressive results within a short time. Once the image is generated, you can upscale it for better quality.

    Step 3: Applying Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve

    Now that you have the generated image from Mid Journey, you can import it into DaVinci Resolve. Even the free version of Resolve works perfectly for this method. Begin by creating a new node in the Color page and use the "Shot Match" feature to match the color grading to your selected clip. This will instantly give your footage the desired cinematic look.

    Adjustments and Enhancements

    While the initial color grading may not be perfect, it serves as an excellent foundation. You can now make additional adjustments in DaVinci Resolve to fine-tune the look. This may involve tweaking the color balance, adjusting exposure levels, adding stylistic effects, or refining specific elements such as skin tones.

    Comparing the Results

    By applying this AI-assisted color grading method, the difference in the footage is noticeable. The colors become richer, more cinematic, and evoke a specific mood and atmosphere. With a side-by-side comparison of the original footage and the graded version, the transformation becomes clear.

    Free LUTs for Download

    To further assist you in your color grading journey, I have compiled three LUTs based on the looks created with this method. These LUTs are available for free download, and you can find the link below.

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    Q: Are DaVinci Resolve and Mid Journey free to use?
    A: Yes, both DaVinci Resolve and Mid Journey offer free versions of their software, making this color grading method accessible to everyone.

    Q: Can I achieve professional-grade color grading using AI?
    A: While AI tools continue to improve, their current capabilities may not be on par with the specific demands of professional work. However, by combining AI tools like Mid Journey with powerful editing software like DaVinci Resolve, you can achieve impressive results.

    Q: Is this AI-assisted color grading method suitable for all types of footage?
    A: Yes, this method can be applied to various types of footage, including different lighting conditions, times of day, and genres. However, it is essential to understand your desired look and the characteristics of your footage to achieve the best results.

    Q: Can I make further adjustments to the color grading in DaVinci Resolve?
    A: Absolutely! The initial color grading serves as a foundation that you can further build upon. DaVinci Resolve provides a wide range of tools and adjustments to fine-tune the look and achieve your desired results.

    Q: Are the LUTs provided compatible with other editing software?
    A: Yes, LUTs are widely used across different editing software. You can import the provided LUTs into compatible software to apply the specific looks created with this method.

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