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    How I Color Grade My Videos in Premiere Pro 2023

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    How I Color Grade My Videos in Premiere Pro 2023

    In this article, I will share my process for color grading videos in Premiere Pro 2023. Color grading is an essential step in the post-production process that allows you to enhance the overall look and feel of your videos. I will guide you through the different levels of color grading and provide tips and techniques to achieve professional results.

    Level 1: Basic Correction

    The first level of color grading is basic correction, where the goal is to make the image look right and ready for further adjustments. Start by applying the Lumetri Color effect to your clip. Make sure to create three copies of the effect for later use.

    In the basic correction settings, you can make subtle adjustments to the tint, shadows, and contrast. For example, if the image has a greenish tint, you can increase the tint slider slightly to remove the unwanted color cast. Adjust the shadow slider to brighten or darken the dark areas, and increase the contrast to add depth to the image.

    Level 2: Evening Out Skin Tones

    In level two, the focus is on evening out the skin tones of your subject. This is particularly important if there are harsh shadows or a greenish tint in the skin. Open the second Lumetri Color effect and navigate to the HSL Secondary panel.

    Use the eyedropper tool to select a dark area on the skin that you want to target. By adjusting the hue, saturation, and lightness sliders, refine your selection to cover only the desired areas. Increase the lightness slider to brighten up the dark areas, creating a more even tone.

    Level 3: Coloring the Skin and Adding Mood

    Level three is where the magic happens. This is where you add color to the skin and create the desired mood for your video. Open the third Lumetri Color effect and make basic corrections to enhance the overall punch of the image.

    To add warmth to the skin, increase the temperature slider. You can also adjust the tint to add a subtle magenta tone, depending on your preferences. Play around with the highlights, shadows, and contrast sliders to achieve the desired effect. Increasing the saturation can also make the colors pop.

    Level 4: Targeting and Modifying Individual Colors

    In level four, you have the option to target and modify individual colors in your video. This is useful if there are specific colors you want to enhance or change. Open the fourth Lumetri Color effect and navigate to the HSL Secondary panel.

    Using the color picker tool, select the color you want to modify. Adjust the sliders for hue, saturation, and lightness to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can boost the blues or add more contrast to specific colors.

    Making 1080p Footage Look Like 4K

    If you want to make your 1080p footage appear closer to 4K, you can add sharpness in the final Lumetri Color effect. By increasing the sharpness slider, you can enhance details and give the footage a crisper look. However, be mindful of any potential artifacts or halos that may appear, especially when using higher levels of sharpness.

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    1. How do I access the Lumetri Color effect in Premiere Pro?
    • To access the Lumetri Color effect in Premiere Pro, go to the Effects panel and navigate to Video Effects > Color Correction > Lumetri Color.
    1. Can I apply color grading to individual clips or the entire project?
    • You can apply color grading to individual clips or the entire project. To ensure consistency, it is recommended to apply color grading to the source clips rather than individual clips.
    1. Can I save my color grading settings as presets?
    • Yes, you can save your color grading settings as presets. Right-click on the Lumetri Color effect panel and select "Save preset" to save your adjustments for future use.
    1. How can I ensure accurate colors during the color grading process?
    • It is important to work with properly calibrated monitors and ensure your project's color space is set correctly. Additionally, use professional tools when possible, such as color calibration devices, to maintain color accuracy.
    1. Can I achieve similar color grading results in older versions of Premiere Pro?
    • While this article specifically focuses on Premiere Pro 2023, most of the techniques and effects mentioned can be applied to previous versions of Premiere Pro as well.

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