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    How I Color Grade Using SCOPES in LumaFusion / Moody Green Styles

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    How I Color Grade Using SCOPES in LumaFusion / Moody Green Styles

    Hey everyone! In this article, we will dive into the world of color grading using scopes in LumaFusion. We will explore how to achieve a moody dark green and orange look using the new features in LumaFusion 3.1. Let's get started!

    "G'day guys and welcome back to another exciting video. LumaFusion finally got an update, the LumaFusion 3.1 is now live in the app store, depending on where you live in the world, you should be able to find the update right now. With this LumaFusion 3.1 update, we finally have some better color grading options," the video script begins.



    LumaFusion, color grading, scopes, moody green, correction LUTs, color presets, levels, saturation, vibrance, contrast, highlights, shadows, exposure


    1. What is LumaFusion?
    2. How can scopes in LumaFusion help with color grading?
    3. What are correction LUTs and how are they used in color grading?
    4. Can color presets be customized in LumaFusion?
    5. What are some key adjustments to make while color grading in LumaFusion?

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