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    How I Create $1k/Day Dropshipping Video Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

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    How I Create $ 1k/Day Dropshipping Video Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

    Today, I am going to show you how to create high-converting dropshipping video ads that will help skyrocket your store's success. With Facebook ad costs on the rise, it is crucial to have engaging and effective video ads to stay ahead of the competition. Many people find this task daunting and end up outsourcing it to video ad companies, but I will reveal industry secrets that allow you to make these video ads at no cost to you.

    To start, the first step in creating a successful Facebook ad is to craft a compelling script that grabs your customers' attention. I have created a document that outlines how to create effective viral Facebook ads, and you can find the link in the description below. Gathering intel is vital to this process, as it helps you understand the product's value proposition. One way to gather this information easily is by visiting and reading the reviews of similar products. These reviews will provide invaluable insights into why customers are buying the product and what problems it solves.

    Once you have gathered the necessary information, it's time to fill in the blanks in the script. The script begins with the introduction or hook, which captures your audience's attention. You then introduce your product as the solution to their problem. Next, you highlight the benefits of your product and explain why it is valuable. It is important to link features to the benefits they provide, as this helps customers see the value in your product. After that, include social proof, such as customer testimonials or reviews, to build trust and credibility. Finally, include a clear call to action instructing viewers to take the desired action, such as clicking a link or making a purchase.

    When it comes to creating the video ads, I highly recommend using a free video editing tool called InVideo. It offers over 4,000 pre-made templates that you can customize for your ads. Simply choose a template, select the desired ratio, and start editing. InVideo also provides a library of stock footage that you can use in your ads. Additionally, consider recording your own footage using your phone or ask someone to help you demonstrate the product. This organic content often resonates well with audiences.

    Once you have finished editing your ad, you can duplicate the sections and change the angles to target a wider demographic. This will give you more data on what is working and what needs improvement. Remember to optimize your ads for different platforms and resize the clips accordingly.

    In conclusion, creating high-converting dropshipping video ads is achievable with the right script and video editing tools. By understanding your customers' motivations and solving their problems, you can craft engaging and effective ads. Using free video editing software, like InVideo, and a combination of stock footage and organic content, you can create professional-looking ads without breaking the bank.


    • Dropshipping
    • Video ads
    • Shopify
    • High-converting
    • Facebook ads
    • Script
    • Value proposition
    • Intel gathering
    • Amazon reviews
    • Hook
    • Solution
    • Benefits
    • Features
    • Social proof
    • Call to action
    • InVideo
    • Stock footage
    • Organic content
    • Video editing
    • Resize
    • Optimize


    • Q: Can I create effective dropshipping video ads without outsourcing?
      • A: Yes, by following the industry secrets and using tools like InVideo, you can create professional video ads without any additional cost.
    • Q: How important is it to understand my customers' motivations and problems?
      • A: Understanding your customers' motivations and the problems your product solves is crucial in creating compelling video ads that resonate with your target audience.
    • Q: Can I use my own recorded footage in the video ads?
      • A: Yes, using organic content, such as footage recorded with your phone, can add authenticity to your video ads and resonate well with viewers.
    • Q: Is InVideo a free video editing tool?
      • A: InVideo offers a free plan with access to a wide range of pre-made templates and a vast stock footage library. While they offer paid plans with additional benefits, the free plan is sufficient for creating video ads.
    • Q: How should I structure the script for my video ads?
      • A: The script should include a hook to grab attention, introduce your product as a solution, highlight its benefits, include social proof, and provide a clear call to action. Linking features to the benefits they provide is also crucial.

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