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    How I Create A Viral Youtube Video Using Ai (ChatGPT | Leonardo AI | D-ID | More)

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    How I Create A Viral YouTube Video Using AI (ChatGPT | Leonardo AI | D-ID | More)

    I recently produced a video exploring the untapped potential of AI in creating YouTube content and generating passive income. In this article, I delve deeper into harnessing the power of AI to construct the ultimate viral YouTube channel. The AI tools I utilize include ChatGPT for scripting, Leonardo AI for generating realistic images, D-ID for making images speak, and more.

    To kick things off, I select a niche that offers high view duration and engagement, landing on quiz channels with personality tests and predictions. By following specific rules, like ensuring virality and using only free tools, I create a video titled "This Quiz Will Tell You Your Life's Purpose" to be presented by Albert Einstein, providing a genius touch to attract viewers rapidly. Through the step-by-step process of scripting, generating Einstein's voice, creating captions, removing watermarks, and optimizing the video for YouTube, I aim to maximize views, likes, and subscriptions for sustainable passive income generation.


    • AI-powered YouTube channel
    • Viral video creation
    • ChatGPT scripting
    • Leonardo AI for image generation
    • D-ID for making images speak
    • Quiz channel niche
    • Maximizing view duration and engagement
    • Captions and watermark removal
    • YouTube video optimization
    • Passive income generation


    • How did you select the niche for creating the viral YouTube channel?
    • What AI tools did you use in the video creation process?
    • How do you optimize a video for maximum views and subscriptions on YouTube?
    • Can AI really help in generating passive income through YouTube content?
    • What are the key factors to consider when aiming for virality on YouTube?

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