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    How I Created A Faceless YouTube Channel ONLY Using AI in 15 Minutes

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    How I Created A Faceless YouTube Channel ONLY Using AI in 15 Minutes

    Have you ever wondered how some YouTube channels gain massive popularity and monetization within a short period of time? Well, it turns out that AI can be a game-changer in this regard. In this article, I will share my experience of creating a brand new YouTube channel from scratch, using AI tools exclusively. And the best part? It only took me 15 minutes!

    Step 1: The Channel Creation

    To kickstart the process, I utilized a YouTube data tool called VidIQ. With the help of VidIQ, I got a list of 100 faceless YouTube channel niches. After browsing through the options, I decided to base my channel on personal finance, money-saving tips, and challenges – a niche that already has proven success.

    Next, I needed to create a suitable channel name. Once again, I turned to AI for assistance. With the help of an AI-generated list of YouTube channel names for a faceless channel about personal finance, I came across an intriguing option – "The Money Whisperer." It had a unique ring to it and perfectly aligned with the channel's focus.

    To ensure our channel had a cohesive and professional appearance, I turned to an AI design tool called Mid Journey. By combining keywords like "cute baby face robot profile picture" and "money whisper cartoon black background YouTube channel," this tool generated a range of options. After reviewing them, I settled on a profile picture that portrayed a cute robot with a serious expression.

    With the channel name and profile picture finalized, I moved on to the channel description. Utilizing AI once again, I asked for a description for a YouTube channel centered around personal finance, money-saving tips, and challenges – specifically named "The Money Whisperer." The AI-generated description was a bit lengthy, so I edited it down to two concise paragraphs that accurately conveyed the channel's focus.

    To complete the channel's visual appeal, I used Canva – a free graphic design tool – to create a banner. I selected a template that matched the color scheme of the profile picture and customized it with the name of the channel and a tagline. After making sure everything was perfectly aligned, I uploaded the banner to the channel.

    Step 2: Video Creation with AI

    Now that the channel was ready, it was time to create an attention-grabbing video. Following my research with VidIQ, I decided to focus on budgeting tips for millennials. For video creation, I relied on an all-in-one AI tool called InVideo.

    InVideo offers an impressive library of over 6,000 fully customizable templates. Using their AI text-to-video feature, I selected a portrait template that suited the budgeting tips for millennials concept. With the template chosen, I provided an AI-generated script with specific instructions, such as keeping the video under 30 seconds, maintaining a funny and engaging tone, and including three budgeting tips.

    Once I hit the "generate" button, InVideo worked its magic. It automatically created scenes based on the script, suggesting images and videos from premium sources like Shutterstock and iStock. The template even selected suitable background music to complement each scene.

    To add a personal touch to the video, I replaced some of the suggested videos with more relevant clips. InVideo's user-friendly editor made this process simple. Furthermore, I utilized InVideo's automated text-to-speech feature to generate voiceovers for each scene, providing a realistic and professional narration.

    After customizing the video to my liking, I had a compelling and informative 30-second video that effectively conveyed budgeting tips for millennials.

    Step 3: Uploading and Optimization

    The final step involved uploading the video to YouTube. Using the title suggestion provided by VidIQ, I crafted an attention-grabbing title. Additionally, I utilized VidIQ's description generator to automatically create an informative description, enhancing the video's searchability.

    Since the video was short-form content, there was no need to worry about a cover photo. YouTube automatically selected suitable thumbnails for such videos. Finally, I published the video to the channel, making it live for viewers to enjoy.

    And just like that, in a matter of minutes, I had created a brand new YouTube channel from scratch, complete with an engaging video centered around personal finance and an aesthetically pleasing channel design – all made possible through the power of AI tools.


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    1. How long did it take to create the YouTube channel using only AI?

      • It took approximately 15 minutes to create the channel and upload the video.
    2. Can the AI-generated videos be monetized on YouTube?

      • YouTube has not released any information stating that AI-generated videos cannot be monetized. As long as these videos meet guidelines and add value to viewers, they have the potential to be monetized.
    3. What are the benefits of using AI tools for YouTube channel creation?

      • AI tools provide efficiency and convenience by streamlining tasks such as channel name generation, profile picture creation, scriptwriting, video editing, and more. This allows for quick and professional content creation.
    4. Are AI-generated videos effective in gaining viewers and subscribers?

      • The success of a YouTube channel depends on various factors, including content quality, promotion, and audience engagement. While AI-generated videos can be a valuable asset, it is essential to continuously create high-quality content in order to attract and retain viewers and subscribers.

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