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    How I Edit CINEMATIC Reels and TikToks on CapCut [FULL MOBILE WORKFLOW]

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    How I Edit CINEMATIC Reels and TikToks on CapCut [FULL MOBILE WORKFLOW]

    In this article, I will guide you through my entire workflow of editing cinematic videos for social media using the CapCut app. CapCut is a free, intuitive, and easy-to-use software that is perfect for quick mobile editing. While I do use more advanced software like DaVinci or Premiere for serious projects, CapCut is unmatched for creating fast and visually pleasing content for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

    Importing Footage and Basic Color Grading

    The first step is to import your footage into CapCut. It's helpful to organize similar footage into one clip to make editing easier. Once you've selected your clips, you can drag and drop them onto the timeline.

    Next, you can start with basic color grading. There are two ways to color grade in CapCut: you can adjust individual clips or create an adjustment layer to affect the entire timeline. I like to start with a generic adjustment to get a general sense of the footage's look. Adjustments like brightness, color temperature, and vignette can be applied to enhance the overall cinematic feel of the footage.

    Editing to a Song and Adding Audio Effects

    When editing social media content, it's common to edit to a song. You can use the CapCut app to extract audio from a screen recording of the song on Instagram, which helps guide the editing process. You can easily make cuts and transitions to match the beats of the song.

    To enhance the professional and cinematic feel of your videos, consider adding audio effects. If your clips already have built-in audio, you can reduce the volume or mute it entirely. You can also add sound effects, such as rain or background ambiance, to create a more immersive experience.

    Adding Graphics and Typography

    Graphics, such as text titles, can elevate the cinematic quality of your videos. CapCut allows you to add text and customize it with different fonts. You can even download and use custom fonts to make your footage stand out. To animate the text, choose subtle effects like the typing effect to maintain a professional look.

    Transitions and Zoom Effects

    Transitions can make your videos more visually appealing. While CapCut's transition options are limited compared to software like Adobe Premiere Pro, one effective transition to use is the speed ramp. Speed ramping allows for smooth transitions between clips, and you can adjust the speed and smoothness using the speed curve feature. For zoom effects, it's recommended to use keyframes rather than built-in animations to have more control over the effect.

    Refining Color Grading

    After the initial color grading, it's important to fine-tune the color grade for each individual clip, if necessary. You can make adjustments to exposure, brightness, and color temperature to ensure consistency throughout the entire video. Individual adjustments can be made to clips that have variations in lighting or color.


    When exporting your video for social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, it's important to consider their specific requirements. These platforms typically downscale uploaded videos to 1080p, so it's best to export your video in this resolution to avoid any loss in quality. Additionally, be cautious with certain settings like Smart HDR, as they can affect the colors of your footage.


    This article explained my full mobile workflow for editing cinematic reels and TikToks on CapCut. The process includes importing footage, basic color grading, editing to a song, adding audio effects, incorporating graphics and typography, using transitions and zoom effects, refining color grading, and exporting the final video. CapCut is a powerful and free app that offers intuitive editing features suitable for creating fast and visually appealing content.


    Cinema editing, CapCut app, mobile workflow, social media content, color grading, audio effects, typography, transitions, zoom effects, exporting video.


    Q: Can I use CapCut for professional projects?
    A: While CapCut is a great tool for quick and intuitive editing, it may not be suitable for larger and more complex projects. Professional projects may require the advanced features and capabilities offered by software like DaVinci or Premiere.

    Q: Can I adjust individual colors in CapCut?
    A: Yes, CapCut allows you to adjust individual colors using the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) feature. This can be useful for fine-tuning the overall color grading or correcting specific color issues in your footage.

    Q: What is the recommended export settings for social media platforms?
    A: To ensure optimal quality on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it's recommended to export your videos in 1080p resolution, 30fps (frames per second), and using the recommended decoding rate. These settings align with the platforms' requirements and help maintain the sharpness and clarity of your footage.

    Q: Can I use CapCut on a desktop?
    A: While CapCut does have a desktop version, it is generally more suited for mobile editing. For desktop editing, it may be more practical to use professional software with advanced features and capabilities.

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