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    How I Get DROPSHIPPING AD VIDEOS For FREE! (Winning Products + ADS)

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    How I Get DROPSHIPPING AD VIDEOS For FREE! (Winning Products + ADS)

    Hey Empire Builders, welcome back to another video! Today, I'll be sharing a quick hack on how to find fast video creatives for any product you plan to dropship. Video content is incredibly important in today's e-commerce landscape, and I'll show you a simple way to access video ads for products through CJ Dropshipping.

    If you're new here, welcome! I'm Peter Pru, and we release new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm Eastern time. Make sure to hit like, subscribe, and the notification bell to stay updated. By leaving a comment on this video, you stand a chance to win a copy of our eCommerce Empire starter pack.

    When it comes to finding video ads quickly, CJ Dropshipping is a valuable resource. By exploring their "video products" category, you can discover products with existing video creatives. These videos can be used for your promotional efforts, and you can further customize them by adding text overlays or other elements. Additionally, don't hesitate to contact the suppliers for more video resources.

    I recommend focusing on specific niche products rather than general items to build a targeted audience. By selecting a niche like "Men's Grooming" or "Room Decor," you can create a more cohesive marketing strategy with upsell opportunities. Remember, e-commerce success involves not only acquiring customers but also maximizing their lifetime value through additional product offerings.

    If you want to delve deeper into e-commerce strategies, consider checking out our eCommerce Empire book or exploring our Business in a Box service for a comprehensive business launch experience. Use the resources available to you and start building your empire today!


    • Dropshipping
    • Video creatives
    • CJ Dropshipping
    • Niche products
    • E-commerce strategy


    • How can I access video ads for dropshipping products?
    • Why is it important to focus on specific niche products in e-commerce?
    • How can suppliers help with video resources for marketing?
    • What additional resources are available for e-commerce success?
    • Where can I find more detailed information on e-commerce strategies?

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