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    How I Made Over $10,000 In 5 Days! | TikTok Creativity Program

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    How I Made Over $ 10,000 In 5 Days! | TikTok Creativity Program

    Introduction: Just over four months ago, I started a TikTok page as a fun project to document on my YouTube channel. To my surprise, within four months, the page had grown into a business that now earns me thousands of dollars every month. The most amazing part is that I achieved this without even showing my face on the TikTok page. In this article, I will share how I managed to grow my page to over 350,000 followers in the last 28 days, gain over 100 million views, and make over $ 10,000 with the TikTok creativity program.

    Step 1: Increasing Quantity and Balancing Quality: Posting more videos on TikTok increases your chances of going viral. Each video can be seen as a ticket to viral success. However, it's essential to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Posting a lot of low-quality videos won't lead to success. But if you find the right balance, you can increase the likelihood of going viral.

    Step 2: Hiring an Editor: As my TikTok page grew, I realized I didn't have enough time to create all the content. So, I decided to hire an editor to help me. Training the editor to create high-quality videos took some time, but it was worth it. Now, the editor creates most of the videos, while I focus on finding viral video ideas. This collaboration has allowed me to scale the page efficiently.

    Step 3: Creating a Feed: Building a curated feed is like using a cheat code to viral video ideas. By interacting only with videos related to your niche, you can find an abundance of viral video ideas. I have been using this strategy to find video ideas that have the potential to go viral and send them to my editor for creation.

    Step 4: Utilizing Momentum: When you see success on TikTok, don't relax. Double down on your efforts and take advantage of the momentum. Posting more frequently, increasing the number of videos, and consistently engaging with your audience can lead to exponential growth. By capitalizing on the momentum, I was able to gain followers at a rapid pace.

    Attention is Key: The success of my TikTok page can be attributed to attention. Initially, I could only invest 4 to 5 hours a week due to other commitments. However, after bringing an editor on board, the page received more attention, resulting in significant growth. More attention, whether from yourself or others, leads to better results.

    Stats from the Page: In the last 28 days, I have gained over 350,000 followers and over 100 million views. I also made over $ 1,700 from a $ 2 paid series. These numbers showcase the earning potential of TikTok and how it can provide opportunities to make money online.

    Scaling the Page: With the success I have achieved so far, I plan to continue scaling my TikTok page and exploring its potential. If there is interest from viewers, I will keep providing updates and insights into my TikTok journey.


    • TikTok
    • Creativity program
    • Viral videos
    • Making money online
    • Growth strategies


    1. Can anyone start a TikTok page and make money?
    • Yes, anyone can start a TikTok page and potentially make money. It requires dedication, consistency, and finding the right strategies to grow.
    1. How can I find an editor for my TikTok page?
    • Consider looking in Discord servers, as you can find talented individuals interested in editing videos for a fair price. Alternatively, platforms like Fiverr can also help you find editors.
    1. How can I apply for the TikTok creativity program?
    • To join the creativity program, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and have original content on your page. If you are not in an eligible country, consider purchasing an account from an eligible country to gain access.
    1. Is it possible to make money from TikTok?
    • Absolutely! TikTok offers various monetization opportunities, such as the creativity program, paid series, brand partnerships, and more. It's a growing platform with immense potential for generating income.
    1. How often should I post on TikTok to increase my chances of going viral?
    • Posting frequently is key to increasing your chances of going viral. Aim for at least one video per day, but remember to prioritize quality content over quantity. Find the right balance that works for your page and audience.
    1. How do I come up with viral video ideas?
    • Explore your TikTok feed, engage with videos in your niche, and look for trending challenges or topics. Pay attention to what resonates with your audience and recreate or put your own unique spin on those ideas.

    Note: The article has been summarized, and the content has been rephrased for clarity and coherence.

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