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    How I Make Faceless YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes with AI ($30K Per Month)

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    How I Make Faceless YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes with AI ($ 30K Per Month)

    Do you want to learn how to make hundreds of dollars every single day through YouTube ad revenue? In this article, I will show you how you can use AI technology to quickly generate faceless YouTube videos that can be monetized in a profitable niche, allowing you to earn thousands of dollars every month. By following the steps I'll outline, you can start making money through YouTube ad revenue and affiliate marketing commissions.

    Before we dive into the process, I ask that you smash that like button and read this entire article to ensure you don't miss any important steps. Now, let's get started!

    Step 1: Creating AI-Generated YouTube Videos with InVideo

    To begin, we need a platform that leverages AI technology to create videos quickly and easily. InVideo is the perfect tool for this. It offers a library of over 8 million copyright-free images and video stock footage, which we can use to create our videos without infringing on any copyrights.

    One of the standout features of InVideo is its AI-driven text-to-video feature. With this tool, you simply paste in your YouTube video title and InVideo automatically generates the entire video script in seconds. Once the script is generated, you can proceed to create scenes using the video stock footage provided by InVideo.

    To start, you'll want to head over to the InVideo website and sign up. They offer a free plan, but I recommend considering their business plan to remove watermarks from your videos and gain access to their premium video stock footage. Use the promo code "RMS25" for a 25% discount on any of their plans.

    Once you're logged into InVideo, click on the AI Text Video tool. Select a template that suits your video and choose the landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your preference. Next, paste your YouTube video title and click on "Ask AI to write your script." InVideo will generate the script for you.

    To create the scenes, click on "Create Scenes," making sure all three checkboxes are selected. InVideo will then create the entire YouTube video using video stock footage and your generated script. You can customize the scenes by replacing any generic footage with more relevant options from InVideo's library.

    After customizing each scene, click on "Editor" to adjust background music and add your voiceover. You can either choose automated text-to-speech, record your own voice, or hire someone to record a voiceover for you. Make sure that the background music complements your voiceover and adjust the volume accordingly.

    Finally, preview your video, export it in 1080p HD, and download it. You now have a professionally created YouTube video that is ready to be uploaded.

    Step 2: Monetizing Your YouTube Videos through Affiliate Marketing

    Now that you have your YouTube video ready, it's time to monetize it through affiliate marketing. Head over to affiliate marketing networks such as ClickBank, Digistore24, or Impact to find products within your niche that you can promote.

    Sign up for an account with one of these networks, and browse their marketplace for health-related products, since that's the niche we're focusing on in this example. Sort the results by gravity to find the most popular and potentially profitable products.

    Once you've selected a product to promote, click on the "Promote" button and generate your affiliate link. You can use link shortening websites like TinyURL to make your affiliate link more visually appealing and trackable.

    As a new YouTube channel, it's essential to establish a presence and build trust before bombarding your audience with affiliate links. Focus on creating valuable content and delivering engaging videos first. Once you've gained traction and trust, you can start incorporating affiliate links into your video descriptions or pinned comments.

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    Q1: What is InVideo?

    InVideo is an AI-driven platform that allows users to create high-quality videos using a combination of stock footage, images, and text-to-video technology. It simplifies the video creation process and offers a range of features to enhance your videos.

    Q2: How can I monetize my YouTube videos?

    To monetize your YouTube videos, you can generate revenue through YouTube ad revenue and affiliate marketing. YouTube ad revenue is earned based on the number of views and advertisements displayed in your videos. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services in your videos and earning a commission for every sale made through your affiliate links.

    Q3: Which affiliate marketing networks should I use?

    There are several affiliate marketing networks to choose from, including ClickBank, Digistore24, and Impact. These networks provide a wide range of products to promote and offer commission rates for each sale generated through your affiliate links. It's essential to choose products that align with your niche and have a strong demand.

    Q4: How do I create engaging YouTube videos without showing my face?

    Using platforms like InVideo, you can create faceless YouTube videos by leveraging AI technology and stock footage. This allows you to engage with your audience without appearing on camera. With AI text-to-video features, you can transform your video titles into full-length videos in minutes.

    Q5: Can I get monetized on YouTube without recording my own voice?

    While it's possible to get monetized on YouTube without recording your own voice, it's highly recommended to do so. YouTube favors videos with human voices and original content. By providing your own voiceover or hiring someone to record one for you, you increase your chances of getting monetized and building a stronger connection with your audience.


    With the help of AI technology and platforms like InVideo, creating faceless YouTube videos in just a few minutes has become a reality. By leveraging these tools and incorporating affiliate marketing strategies, you can earn a substantial income through YouTube ad revenue and affiliate commissions. Remember to focus on providing valuable content and establish trust with your audience before diving into affiliate promotions. Start creating your YouTube videos today and unlock a world of earning potential!

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