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    How I Make Money on YouTube with AI Influencers (Full Tutorial)

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    How I Make Money on YouTube with AI Influencers (Full Tutorial)

    In this article, I will share with you my step-by-step process of how I make money on YouTube using AI influencers. By leveraging these AI-generated influencers, I have been able to generate a substantial income without showing my face, doing voiceovers, or writing video scripts myself. With the help of an AI tool called Haen, I have created complete YouTube videos that have earned me revenue. So, let's dive into the tutorial and learn how you can do the same.

    Step 1: Creating the Actual Video

    To create these AI videos, you'll need an AI character. Haen offers pre-made AI influencers that you can easily use. They have a wide variety of options available, but I recommend using the instant avatar category. Here, you can choose from various AI influencers like Blake or Matthew, depending on the background and studio setup you prefer.

    Once you have selected an AI character, you can create a video using the Haen studio. You have two options for generating video content: text-to-video or audio script. In the text-to-video option, you can input a video script, and Haen will apply a voiceover to it, synchronizing the character's lip movements for a realistic effect. Alternatively, you can upload your own voiceover using the audio script option.

    Step 2: Finding Affiliate Products to Promote

    To monetize your YouTube videos, you need affiliate products to promote. There are several affiliate marketing networks like and Partner Stack where you can find a wide range of products to choose from. Additionally, well-known platforms like Amazon also offer affiliate programs. When selecting affiliate products, consider the commission rates and whether they offer recurring commissions or one-time commissions. Digital products generally have higher commission rates and instant access, making them a better choice.

    Select products that have a commission of at least $ 50 per sign-up to ensure you earn a decent income. Product tutorials, reviews, and comparisons work well for YouTube videos. People often search for these types of videos when they are looking to purchase a specific product. Focus on digital products and ensure your video script incorporates a personal touch by demonstrating how the product works or providing expert insights.

    Step 3: Creating a Video Script that Converts

    When creating a video script, you have three options: writing the script yourself, outsourcing it, or using AI to generate the script. If you have the time and skill, writing the script yourself can be a cost-effective approach. Alternatively, you can outsource the scriptwriting task to professionals. The third option is to use AI scriptwriters like Haen's GPT script writer or Chat GPT.

    For the AI scriptwriter, you can provide a prompt such as "Write a review about the MacBook Pro 2022, being positive about the product." It will generate a script based on your prompt, which you can then load into the AI character in Haen for video creation.

    Step 4: Uploading and Optimizing Your Video

    SEO optimization plays a crucial role in getting your video ranked on YouTube. When uploading your video, ensure you include your target keyword in the title in a natural way. Consider adding an enticing subtitle or description to encourage viewers to click on your video. Include your affiliate link near the top of the video description for easy access. Additionally, incorporate related keywords and search phrases naturally into your description.

    Tags also play a role in SEO optimization. Use tools like to generate relevant tags based on your target keyword.

    Once your video is uploaded and optimized, make it public, and let it start gaining views and generating revenue.


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