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    How I Use AI To Edit My Videos #Shorts @FilmoraWondershare​

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    How I Use AI To Edit My Videos #Shorts @FilmoraWondershare​

    It's official, AI has taken over video editing! A single video editing software, Fillmore by Filmora, has four AI features built-in that are truly changing the game. Let's dive into how these AI features are revolutionizing the world of video editing:

    1. AI Portrait: With just one click, you can now remove the background behind a person without the need for a green screen. Additionally, you can add cool visual effects around them effortlessly.

    2. AI Smart Cutter: Using a single brush stroke, you can cut out anything on the screen, whether it's objects or people, with advanced tracking capabilities.

    3. AI Auto Reframe: This feature automatically tracks the subject and ensures they stay in the frame, making it perfect for repurposing content for different aspect ratios.

    4. AI Image Generator: Generate AI art directly onto your timeline in various styles and video-specific aspect ratios. This feature opens up endless creative possibilities for your videos.

    To experience the power of AI in video editing, check out Filmora's Fillmore software in the pinned comment below.


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    1. How can AI enhance video editing?

      • AI can enhance video editing by automating tasks such as background removal, object tracking, subject tracking, and even AI-generated art, making the editing process more efficient and creative.
    2. What are some key AI features in Filmora's Fillmore software?

      • Filmora's Fillmore software offers AI Portrait, AI Smart Cutter, AI Auto Reframe, and AI Image Generator as its key AI features, all designed to streamline and enhance the video editing experience.
    3. How does AI Auto Reframe benefit content creators?

      • AI Auto Reframe automatically tracks the subject in a video and keeps them in the frame, making it easier for content creators to repurpose their content for different aspect ratios without losing focus on the main subject.

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