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    How I built the viral i-cord hook from scratch

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    How I Built the Viral i-cord Hook from Scratch

    Have you ever come across a viral video on Instagram or social media and wanted to recreate the product or technique but had no information on how to do it? That's exactly what happened to me when I saw a viral i-cord hook video from Manu Crochet. The video had over 250,000 likes, but she didn't provide any details on where she bought the hook or how to make it. Frustrated by the lack of information, I decided to take matters into my own hands and recreate the i-cord hook from scratch using cheap materials from Amazon for less than $ 5. In this article, I will guide you through the process of building the i-cord hook and share my surprising results.

    Step 1: Materials and Preparation

    To build the i-cord hook, I purchased three small hooks with handles from Amazon. I removed the hooks from the handles by hammering and melting the plastic, allowing me to extract the hooks. Next, I used soft clay to craft a new handle for the hooks. I arranged the hooks close to each other and shaped the clay into a handle, ensuring the spacing was consistent. I then sandwiched the hooks between the clay layers and made final adjustments before placing it in the oven to cool.

    Step 2: Testing the i-cord Hook

    After an hour, I removed the i-cord hook from the oven and was amazed by the results. The handle looked beautiful and felt sturdy in my hands. It even felt more ergonomic than most commercial crochet hooks. Excited to test its functionality, I casted on stitches and began knitting the i-cord. Surprisingly, the hook worked like a charm, allowing me to knit the i-cord at a much faster pace compared to traditional methods. The resulting i-cord also appeared neater and had better stitch definition.

    Step 3: Improvements and Considerations

    While the i-cord hook worked well overall, I did encounter some challenges. I found that adjusting the tension and technique was vital to maintaining a smooth process. Occasionally, stitches would get stuck on the levers, requiring extra effort to pull them through. Additionally, I noticed that staggering the hooks and allowing more space between them could enhance the knitting experience. I also pondered the use of hooks without handles for more secure clay integration but acknowledged the potential increase in fragility. Ultimately, the i-cord hook proved to be a versatile and efficient tool for creating i-cords in various yarn sizes.

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    1. How much did it cost to build the i-cord hook?

      • The cost of materials for building the i-cord hook was less than $ 5. I purchased the hooks and clay from Amazon.
    2. Can I adjust the i-cord hook for different stitch sizes?

      • Yes, one of the advantages of the i-cord hook is its versatility. You can adjust the hook size by using different hooks or staggering them to accommodate various stitch sizes.
    3. Is the i-cord hook more efficient than traditional knitting methods?

      • Yes, the i-cord hook allows for faster knitting compared to traditional methods such as using knitting dolls or double-pointed knitting needles. It also produces neater i-cords with better stitch definition.
    4. Does the i-cord hook put strain on the hands or fingers?

      • The i-cord hook may put some strain on the hands and fingers as it requires continuous tension and pulling on the i-cord. However, this may vary depending on personal technique and hand strength.

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