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    How I made Pyrocynical's new outro song

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    How I made Pyrocynical's new outro song

    Today I am going to share with you the process of creating Pyrocynical's new outro song, which was requested to be similar to his old outro song but without copyrighted sampled music. I decided to create an original song in a similar style and then manipulate it to fit the desired vibe.

    I loaded up various plugins, set the project BPM to 120, and began crafting the song. After composing the instrumental track, I slowed down the tempo to 90 BPM, pitched it down, and added a variety of effects to achieve the desired aesthetic. To enhance the song further, I collaborated with music maker Dylan Locke for vocals, which perfectly complemented the track. The final product was well-received by Pyrocynical, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

    Keywords: Pyrocynical, outro song, music production, original vocals, collaboration, effects, BPM manipulation, plugins, composition, feedback.


    1. What was the challenge in creating Pyrocynical's new outro song? Creating a song similar to his old outro without using copyrighted sampled music posed a significant challenge, leading to the decision to compose an original track.

    2. How did the collaboration with Dylan Locke enhance the song? Adding original vocals by collaborating with Dylan Locke brought a new dimension to the track, enhancing its overall sound and vibe.

    3. What effects were added to the instrumental track to achieve the desired aesthetic? A variety of effects, including amp simulators, reverbs, choruses, tape emulation, and more, were used to enhance the instrumental track and give it a unique, polished sound.

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