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    How I make Money with AI generated shorts! (INCOME PROOF)

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    How I make Money with AI generated shorts! (INCOME PROOF)

    My faceless social media accounts have generated over 10K in passive income this month with the rise of AI. I managed to create two large social media accounts in a short period of time and turned them into a profitable business that almost entirely runs on autopilot. In this article, I will show you how to start similar accounts with the help of different tools, from coming up with the perfect script to creating viral videos and turning those views into passive income.

    To start, the first thing you need to do is find an AI tool to create a video about. is a website full of AI tools that gets updated daily, and it's a great place to start. Once you have chosen an AI tool, you can create a script by gathering information, using AI tools like ChatGPT to summarize, and then creating a script using Google Docs. Next, you can use tools like 11 Labs to generate realistic voices and gather assets for creating the video, such as YouTube videos and demo videos of the AI tool.

    After editing the video using a free video editing app like Cap Cut, you can add captions, photos, and videos to make it more engaging. Once the video is ready, you can export it and set up your own Beacons page to add multiple links in your bio. By adding affiliate links and creating newsletters through platforms like Beehive, you can earn passive income by referring people to these platforms.

    In conclusion, utilizing AI tools and platforms like Beehive can help you create profitable social media accounts that generate passive income. By creating engaging videos and leveraging affiliate programs and newsletters, you can build a successful online business that runs on autopilot.


    AI tools, passive income, social media accounts, affiliate programs, video creation, Beehive, newsletters, online business


    1. How can AI tools help in generating passive income?

    By using AI tools to create engaging videos and content, you can attract a larger audience and generate passive income through affiliate programs and referrals.

    2. What platforms can be used to earn passive income through referrals?

    Platforms like Beehive allow users to create newsletters and earn passive income by referring people to different newsletters, earning a commission for each referral.

    3. What are some key steps to creating profitable social media accounts?

    Key steps include finding an AI tool to create content about, creating engaging scripts and videos, leveraging affiliate programs, and promoting newsletters through platforms like Beehive to earn passive income.

    One more thing

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