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    How I make PASSIVE INCOME with AI with PROOF

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    How I make PASSIVE INCOME with AI with PROOF

    This AI CAD account made over twenty-seven thousand six hundred and thirty-five dollars just last month, and this AI image story account made more than twenty thousand in just one month, all using AI. In today's video, I will show you how to launch a similar themed page by just using AI with little to no effort. There are countless videos on YouTube regarding this, but this one will be different. I will show you the exact marketing and psychological methods you need to apply to grow and generate maximum revenue from your page, even if you were starting small. You may dropship or sell digital products – everything will sell if you know what to do, and all this at zero costs.

    Nice, I came across this idea while searching for new methods to make money for my business. I was left shocked after I saw how much they are making in such a short time. This seller made over 100k from Etsy in just a few months by selling mid-journey arts and prompts. So I said, "Why not make a similar AI business but do it better?" I will apply my own methods to get results even faster and will not use Etsy as it is slow and takes months to see results. Instead, I will use my own creative ways to boost my reach and sales. So sit tight because you will get to learn a lot.

    First, we need a good theme for our page. Now remember, directly writing "I need ideas for social media theme pages" won't work, as it will recommend you to open up pages about Fitness or Finance niches where you cannot do much with AI. For this, we use a specific prompt in ChatGPT focusing on the projected revenue a customer will generate during their lifetime. The higher, the better. This prompt will filter out niches where you can post AI images and have more money-generating opportunities. We need theme pages where people can connect emotionally because when people feel an emotional connection to our page, they are more likely to positively associate with it, making them more inclined to buy our products or services.

    For this same reason, Johnson's baby powder sold 1.4 billion just last year. Alright, so we use this to our advantage too. It generated these results out of which I liked AI Pet Portraits, AI family moments, and AI love stories. Each has a high emotional attachment, so it will be easy for us to sell this to the audience. I went with AI family moments and AI love stories as these two are untapped markets in AI and have huge opportunities. I asked for more specific sub-niches for these two as the more targeted the audience, the better for selling and growing quickly, and we want results fast.

    It generated many results from which I picked AI maternity and newborns and AI long-distance relationships, which check all the boxes of requirements. The niches have an emotional sentiment attached to them and a large but very specific audience, hence easy to convert them to sales. But I was confused about which one to pick, so I spun the random wheel and got long-distance relationship, which I went with. The next step for us will be to design our prompts for AI image generation.

    These tools can generate almost anything from your imagination, but you need to know exactly what commands to give the program. Typing "long-distance relationship" on Mid Journey won't help us as it will create low-quality images. We want images that look good and are very engaging. For image generation, tools like Mid Journey and Leonardo AI can be used. Both tools offer the ability to generate engaging images based on prompts.

    Now, the images need to be posted on social media to gain attention. While organic attraction takes time, going viral and gaining followers through TikTok and reels is faster. By creating heartwarming story videos about long-distance relationships, one can attract a large audience and potentially go viral. Producing such videos consistently can help in growing the audience on various platforms.

    To monetize the audience, products can be sold either through dropshipping or selling digital products. Ideas like long-distance touch lamps and love letter templates can be lucrative options. By consistently posting engaging content and leveraging AI tools, one can build a successful online business with minimal costs involved.


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    1. How can AI be used to generate passive income?
    2. What are some effective marketing and psychological methods to grow a social media page using AI?
    3. How can AI tools like Mid Journey and Leonardo AI help in creating engaging images for social media?
    4. What are some profitable niches recommended by ChatGPT for selling products online using AI-generated content?
    5. How can TikTok and reels be leveraged to go viral and attract followers to a social media page?

    By summarizing the article, we have successfully captured the essence and provided keywords and FAQs related to making passive income using AI tools and strategies for social media growth and monetization.

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