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    How I scam scammers for 20k

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    How I Scam Scammers for 20k

    I have found a lucrative way to turn the tables on scammers and profit from their schemes. By targeting scammers who pose as financial advisors or investment opportunities on platforms like WhatsApp, I have managed to con them out of significant sums of money. My method involves convincing the scammer that I am ready to invest $ 20,000 with them, and in return, they promise high returns of up to $ 140,000 in just a week. I then use a fake version of Cash App to trick the scammers into sending me money under the guise of a security deposit to release the funds I allegedly transferred to them. This strategy has proven to be successful, allowing me to scam scammers and make over $ 20,000 in the process.


    Scamming, scammers, cash app, investment, WhatsApp, fake version, security deposit, profit, fraudulent scheme.


    1. How do you identify scammers on platforms like WhatsApp?
    2. What steps do you take to convince scammers to believe in your investment scheme?
    3. Is it legal to trick scammers into sending you money using a fake version of Cash App?
    4. How much money have you made from scamming scammers using this method?
    5. Are there any risks involved in engaging with scammers and manipulating them for financial gain?

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