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    How New TikTok Dropshipping Accounts are Going VIRAL!

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    How New TikTok Dropshipping Accounts are Going VIRAL!

    If you're a drop shipper struggling to get views and sales on your TikTok videos, it can be disheartening to see other accounts going viral. In this article, we will analyze the strategies of new TikTok dropshipping accounts that have achieved viral success within a short period of time. By examining their techniques, you can learn how to replicate their success and boost your own dropshipping efforts.

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    If you're a drop shipper who's posting videos and getting low views and no sales, you see other accounts going viral and you're wondering what you are doing wrong and are tempted to quit. In this video, we're going to look at new accounts that started within the last month and have had several other videos go viral. I'm gonna break down exactly what they did so that you can replicate their success. Before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products Drop Shipping Shopify themes apps and tutorials do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on now let's get into the video. Alright, the first account I want to take a look at is the humidifier stick. This is a one product store slash account featuring this AliExpress product. It essentially turns any container and liquid into a humidifier. This account is new, it posted its very first video only five days ago. The first video has 4935 views, which is great for a new account, but look at video number two. Video number two goes viral right now it's at 2.1 million views. So what took this video from a few thousand views to a few million? I'm going to show you. Video number one with 4935 views has the text "fantastic scent". They've used an original sound from Barstool Sports and the video footage is a demonstration of the product being used in a bottle of Fanta. This video is eight seconds long. Video number two with 2.1 million views has the text "Tick Tock made me buy it". They've used an original sound by Grans girl and we see a similar demonstration of the product being used in that same bottle of Fanta. This video is 15 seconds long. Look at these two videos side by side. They are very similar; this video footage was likely shot all at the same time and he's just played with different clips. I think what most people end up doing in these situations when they post a video and it gets low views is they scrap it and say, oh this video didn't work; I better come up with something better next time. No, you're making it way harder than it needs to be. What you should be doing is what this person has done and that's just to make small tweaks to your video - changing the music, making the video slightly longer, changing the text, switching up the footage a little. Any one of those things could have been the key factor in him turning this video with a few thousand views into a few million views. Ideally, when you do this, you want to tweak maybe one or two things at a time so that you can begin to pinpoint what exactly it is that's giving you that viral push so that you can apply it to your other videos. But at the end of the day, it worked for this creator; that's key number one. But let's take another look at this account because I want to show you something else. This creator was posting three videos per day. On Day two when he posted these three videos, at this point he's posted four variations of this Coke bottle one, and it's kind of stuck at that 5 to 7 thousand view range. So he moves on and tries out a different drink. This video where he uses a Starbucks frap drink is his next highest viewed video with 12.4K views. You can see that there's another variation of this video over here, and it doesn't do as well, but he continues to tweak it, and this one gets 35K and this one here gets 11.5K views. Then up here we can see the Fanta drink one again with another 70K views. So key takeaway here is to double down on the videos that are doing well. If you notice a video doing significantly better than the others posted around the same time, you are on to something. Just tweak it slightly and post it. One last thing before we move on to the next account: guys, be careful of going viral for the wrong reasons. There are a few examples on this account where the creator is purposely misspelling the words or doing suggestive things. Even the fact that he's putting the product in the soda drinks, it's not the intended use for the product. The majority of these comments are just talking about how impractical it would be and how it would make everything sticky and attract bugs. It's bringing in a lot of comments, which of course boosts engagement and brings in more views, but this type of virality is not going to lead to sales. If your whole marketing plan is based on shock value, you won't go very far; you'll get viral views, but they won't convert to sales. So don't fall for these viral gimmicks. I'm showing you this account to educate and to show you what they are doing right, not to encourage you to create similar content because I wouldn't recommend this at all. Let's take a look at another account. This account is the chill bud. This account posted its very first video on September 9th. It started as a one product account store; they've since expanded, but they started out with this product here. It keeps your beverages cool so that you can slow down and enjoy your beverage at a nice cool temperature without watering it down with ice. Ironically, this product, although it's not the same, it has a similar shape to the previous account, and he could have gone with that same shock value slash suggestive root, but he didn't, and I believe this account is getting sales as a result. In fact, we can see by this comment here that the content is reaching his target audience and people want to buy. So this is good content. Definitely check out his account later for inspiration. If we look at the first 17 videos, in seven of these videos, we are in the same kitchen setting with the same red bowl full of ice and the same beverage. He's got nearly 1 million views on the first two videos, 2.7 million views here and 7 million here. So again, it just goes to show you, you don't have to create a brand new video with brand new footage for every single video. Just make small tweaks. Here's one video with 2.7 million views and another with 7.1 million views. What's the difference? Both responded to a comment; both videos are using the exact same music. The only difference is that in this one, he's muted the sounds from his original video, and in this one, he hasn't so you can hear him pour in the ice and popping the top off the beverage. This one is 16 seconds long, this one is 20 seconds long. The biggest difference that I can see is the switch up in footage, but you can tell this was all likely filmed at the same time; he just recorded everything he's doing, which is very smart, and he's using it to piece together new videos. My final piece of advice for now is to not give up. I see it so often: people will be super excited, they will post their videos, they get low views, they make zero sales, and then they give up after only posting a few videos. Look at this account here: this is another one product store slash account; they sell this travel razor that has everything you need to shave. It contains a mister, a moisturizing soap, and two razors. They posted their very first video on September 12th; it's October 14th today, so just over a month later, and most of these videos are below a thousand views. And at the time that these videos were posted, the views were, of course, much lower. So what if after four videos, this creator was like, it must be the product, these videos aren't doing well, I'm giving it my all, I'm not making any sales, and they quit? Their very next video got almost 250,000 views. Then their videos went down again, and then they got 706K, and then they're down again for the longest streak yet of eight videos, and then she gets 18K views. Then seven videos again with lower views, and then they get their highest viewed video yet at 3.5 million views. This creator has made a total of 64 videos since starting on September 12th, which averages out to about two videos per day. This is a one product account, so they could have had every excuse to quit. They could doubt their product; they could run out of content ideas. They could have thrown in the towel and said, this isn't working. But they didn't; they kept going, and every so often one of their videos takes off. All in all, my advice is don't give up, pay attention to the videos that outperform others posted around the same time, and double down on those types of videos. Also, make small tweaks to your videos. Put this into practice today by using your existing footage and making small changes - by changing the music, changing the footage, replying to a comment, changing the text, and etc. Try it out, and let me know how it goes. If you like this video, do me a favor and give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment down below. And if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. We post a lot of time-sensitive content such as winning products on this channel. So make sure you have notifications turned on so that you can be one of the first to market when we post those videos.

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    1. How can new dropshipping accounts on TikTok achieve viral success? New dropshipping accounts on TikTok can achieve viral success by making small tweaks to their videos, paying attention to the ones that outperform others, and doubling down on successful content.

    2. What should dropshippers avoid when trying to go viral on TikTok? Dropshippers should avoid gimmicky or shocking content that may lead to viral views but not convert to sales. It's essential to focus on creating engaging and relevant content that attracts the target audience.

    3. What is the importance of persistence for dropshippers on TikTok? Persistence is crucial for dropshippers on TikTok as success may not happen overnight. Consistently posting content, analyzing performance, and making necessary adjustments can eventually lead to viral breakthroughs and increased sales.

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