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    How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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    How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

    Here's a fun story about how a seemingly harmless wallpaper caused havoc for hundreds of phone users. The story follows the spread of a cursed wallpaper on social media which, when applied, caused phones to crash and wipe out data. The original image was encoded in a color profile called prophoto RGB, causing issues when converted to sRGB, the standard color space for Android. The problem stemmed from one pixel in the image with excessively high RGB values that exceeded the maximum limit, leading to a loop of errors in the device's color engine. The article dives deep into the technicalities of color spaces and Android's color handling, ultimately revealing the cause of the phone crashes.


    cursed wallpaper, color space, prophoto RGB, sRGB, Android, phone crash, data wipe


    1. What caused phones to crash when the cursed wallpaper was applied?

      • The crashes were caused by one pixel in the image with RGB values that exceeded the maximum limit when converted to the standard color space for Android, sRGB.
    2. Can taking a screenshot of the cursed wallpaper prevent phone crashes?

      • Yes, screenshots of the image are safe as they are automatically converted to sRGB by Android, preventing the color space conversion issues that led to crashes.
    3. Will the issue with the cursed wallpaper affecting phones be resolved in the next Android update?

      • Yes, it is expected that the problem will be fixed in the upcoming Android 11 update by implementing a simple code fix to handle RGB values above the limit.

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