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    How TikTok Carved its Own Niches | Ami Kozak

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    How TikTok Carved its Own Niches | Ami Kozak

    Tick Tock would reward things that people responded to yeah, so it was much more is much less social when it was starting. It was much more media and all these different kinds of funny people who were like hard to describe but you'd be like "this guy's hilarious" and he does reaction videos and you can't knock it, but it's like his facial expressions cracked me up and I just watch all his videos. So there are guys who've made careers out of just like you can knock it, but I'm like this is what he did and people were saying that became a meme basically. And like it's hard enough to find things that people respond to.


    TikTok, niche audience, social media, viral content, meme, career opportunities


    1. What was the initial focus of TikTok when it first started?
    • When TikTok first started, it focused on rewarding content that people responded to, attracting a niche audience of funny individuals who created unique and engaging content.
    1. How have some individuals turned their TikTok presence into a career?
    • Some individuals on TikTok have managed to turn their presence on the platform into careers by creating content that resonates with viewers, leading to viral success and opportunities for monetization.
    1. What role do memes play in the TikTok landscape?
    • Memes often emerge from popular TikTok content, with certain videos or creators becoming memes themselves, further driving engagement and shares on the platform.

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