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    How TikTok dances trained an AI to see

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    How TikTok dances trained an AI to see

    These are not MRIs — they're TikToks. Hundreds of custom-selected TikToks showcasing different dances, indoors and outdoors, with entirely different vibes. But this isn't about comparing trendy dances; it's about helping computers learn to see. The script delves into the importance of diverse TikTok videos in training AI models to understand depth, movement, and scenes in a 3D space. Through a researcher's meticulous work of finding 600 perfect TikToks, the script illustrates how these seemingly unrelated videos played a crucial role in enhancing AI's visual perception. The article discusses the significance of varied ground truth data sets, the utilization of TikTok data for creating 3D models, and how unconventional sources like the Mannequin Challenge have aided in AI research. By leveraging TikTok and other unique data sets, researchers have advanced AI capabilities in understanding real-world scenarios through varied visual inputs.


    TikTok, AI training, data sets, ground truth, 3D modeling, Mannequin Challenge, visual perception


    1. How did TikTok videos contribute to training AI models for visual perception?
    2. What role did diverse data sets like the Mannequin Challenge play in AI research?
    3. Why is the concept of ground truth crucial in AI training processes?
    4. How did researchers utilize TikTok and other unique sources to enhance AI's understanding of real-world scenes?
    5. What were the key takeaways from using unconventional data sets for AI development?

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