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    How To Actually Change Your TikTok Region (and reach more countries)

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    How To Actually Change Your TikTok Region (and reach more countries)

    If you're looking to expand your TikTok reach beyond your current region, it's possible to do so by following some specific steps. This process involves utilizing a VPN, adjusting your phone settings, and being strategic in your approach. Here's a detailed guide on how to successfully change your TikTok region and target different countries.

    To begin, you need to ensure that your phone is set to English and that the location services are turned off. Changing your location in the settings to the country you want to target is crucial. Using a VPN is essential in this process, as it allows you to virtually connect to the desired country and removes the need for a physical SIM card from that region.

    Here are the steps to change your TikTok region effectively: 0. (Optional) Close and delete the TikTok app, ensuring there are no drafts.

    1. Set your phone language to English.
    2. Disable location services and change your location in the phone settings.
    3. Use a reliable VPN like Atlas VPN or ExpressVPN to connect to the target country.
    4. Remove your SIM card before opening TikTok to ensure content is pushed to the desired region.
    5. Monitor your For You page for content from the targeted country. If needed, consider obtaining a SIM card or eSIM from that region.

    It's important to follow these steps meticulously to maintain the desired region on TikTok while reaching a broader audience. By implementing these strategies, you can effectively alter your TikTok region and connect with users from different countries.


    TikTok, region change, VPN, phone settings, target audience, For You page, SIM card, eSIM, content preferences.


    1. Can I change my TikTok region without using a VPN? It is recommended to use a VPN to change your TikTok region effectively and reach users in different countries.

    2. Why is setting my phone language to English important in changing my TikTok region? TikTok identifies the language setting on your phone, which can impact the region of content you see. Setting it to English helps in targeting specific countries.

    3. Do I need to acquire a physical SIM card from the target country to change my TikTok region? While removing the SIM card is advised to avoid location detection, it is not mandatory to purchase a SIM card. Using a VPN can suffice in changing your TikTok region successfully.

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