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    How To Actually Make $13,000 In The TikTok Creativity Program Beta With AI

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    How To Actually Make $ 13,000 In The TikTok Creativity Program Beta With AI

    In the world of TikTok, where content creation is king, there is a new opportunity that is promising to make people over $ 10,000 in their first month - the TikTok Creativity Program. This program is currently only available in big countries like the US, UK, and France, leaving many aspiring creators outside these countries unable to join. However, there is a way to bypass the locational requirements and join the program from anywhere, thanks to a method developed by a friend of mine. With this method, you can start earning money online by leveraging the power of TikTok.

    Let's delve into the four chapters that will guide you on how to create a profitable TikTok account from start to finish. But before we begin, let me introduce Horus, the TikTok wizard, who will be assisting us on this journey.

    Preparing Yourself for Profit - Setting Up Your US TikTok Account

    To join the TikTok Creativity Program, it is essential to have a US-based TikTok account. This step is crucial, as without an account from the allowed locations, you will not be able to monetize your videos. To get your US TikTok account, head over to the website linked in the description and follow the instructions provided. Make sure to carefully follow all the steps to ensure the algorithm recognizes your account as US-based. And to make things even better, you can use my code "how to aai" for a 25% discount on account creation.

    Once you have successfully set up your US TikTok account and customized it to reflect your content, you are ready to move on to the next chapter.

    Choosing Your Path to Success - Finding Your Niche

    Selecting the right niche is crucial for your success on TikTok. To maximize your earnings, focus on niches that have a broad yet specific appeal to a US audience or other First World countries. Additionally, choose a niche that allows for easy video production but offers a high perceived value. This will allow you to scale your operation efficiently, especially when your videos can be automated using AI. Lastly, consider picking a niche that has some accounts already gaining significant traction but isn't saturated with countless similar accounts. Take Reddit stories, for example, where a few accounts are thriving and consistently achieving high view counts.

    Take the time to carefully research and decide on the perfect niche for your TikTok account before moving forward.

    Creating Your First Viral Video

    Now that you have your niche, it's time to create your first viral video. In this example, we will focus on leveraging AI to generate high-quality Reddit story videos. This process involves using Chat GPT to generate a captivating story, then using 11 Labs to produce a realistic voice-over for your video. You can also find high-quality gameplay clips, such as Minecraft parkour or GTA 5, on YouTube.

    To edit your video, you can use CapCut, a free online video editing software. Import all your content, including the gameplay, voice-over, and background music. Ensure the video and sound quality are excellent, and don't forget to add captivating captions that match the tone of your video.

    As a final touch, incorporate the original Reddit comment at the beginning of your video to make it more authentic. This can be achieved by overlaying an image of the Reddit comment on the video in CapCut.

    With your video edited and ready, you're almost set to go viral!

    Optimizing Your Videos for Maximum Reach

    To give your videos the best chance of going viral, there are three unknown tips that can significantly impact your account's reach. Firstly, maintain a consistent upload schedule, spacing out your video uploads by at least an hour to avoid suspicion from the algorithm. Additionally, incorporate an unexpected ending to your videos, encouraging viewers to engage with your content by commenting, sharing, or responding to a question related to the video.

    The final tip involves creating a series of videos that promote a video course or a call to action in each video. This manipulation of TikTok's own Creator feature can provide an advantage, as TikTok may prioritize content that promotes a series.

    By implementing these optimization strategies, you'll increase your chances of reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views regularly.


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    1. Can I join the TikTok Creativity Program if I'm not based in the US, UK, or France?

      • Although the TikTok Creativity Program is restricted to these locations, there is a method to bypass the locational requirements and join the program from anywhere. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to create a US TikTok account and start earning money.
    2. Can I choose any niche for my TikTok account?

      • While you have the freedom to choose any niche, it is crucial to select a niche that appeals to a broad yet specific audience in the US or other First World countries. This will help you earn a higher RPM (revenue per thousand views) and increase your chances of success.
    3. Are AI-generated videos effective for going viral on TikTok?

      • Yes, AI-generated videos, especially in popular niches like Reddit stories, have proven to be highly effective in gaining millions of views on TikTok. However, it's essential to ensure the quality of your videos and content to maximize your chances of going viral.
    4. How often should I upload videos to TikTok?

      • It is recommended to maintain a consistent upload schedule with at least an hour between each video. This helps avoid suspicion from the algorithm and ensures a steady flow of content for your audience.
    5. Can I monetize my TikTok videos outside the Creativity Program?

      • While the TikTok Creativity Program offers a significant opportunity for monetization, you can also explore other avenues, such as brand partnerships, sponsored content, or direct promotions within your videos. The key is to build a strong following and engage with your audience effectively.

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