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    How To Add Music On Canva Video (2024)

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    How To Add Music On Canva Video (2024)

    Hey guys, welcome to this quick tutorial on adding music to your Canva video. In this guide, you'll learn step by step how to enhance your videos with music in Canva.

    To begin, open and select the video canvas. Upload the video you want to add music to or a video you've created. Navigate to the audio option in the Canva apps section, where you can find a variety of free and paid music tracks. Choose a track, preview it, adjust the volume, add effects, and place it in your video. You can then fine-tune the music placement to suit your video. Once added, save your project and enjoy your new video with music.


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    1. How do I add music to my Canva video? To add music to your Canva video, open the Canva editor, navigate to the audio option in the apps section, choose a track, adjust the volume, add effects, and place it in your video.

    2. Can I preview the music before adding it to my Canva video? Yes, you can preview the music tracks in Canva before selecting them for your video project.

    3. Are there free music options available in Canva? Yes, Canva offers a variety of free music tracks that you can use to enhance your videos without any additional cost.

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