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    How To Add Overlay In CapCut PC - Full Guide

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    How To Add Overlay In CapCut PC - Full Guide

    In this tutorial, we will delve into the process of overlaying videos in CapCut on PC. If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing for more helpful content. Let's dive straight into the guide.

    To begin overlaying videos in CapCut on your PC, you first need to import or upload the videos you want to overlay. Once you have added the videos to the timeline, you can adjust their lengths as needed. Next, add the video you wish to overlay on top of the background video by clicking on the plus button in the media section.

    When both videos are on the same layer, you can remove any unwanted parts and simply click, hold, and drag the top video to create a new video track. This effectively overlays the videos. You can resize and reposition the top video using the corner points or the scale tool in the video preview section.

    After you have adjusted the overlay to your liking, you can add more elements like text, stickers, and more. Finally, when you are satisfied with the overlay, click on the export button in the top right corner to save your edited video.

    If you found this tutorial helpful, show your support by leaving a like. Enjoy creating amazing video overlays with CapCut on your PC!


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    1. Can I overlay multiple videos using CapCut on PC? Yes, you can overlay multiple videos by adding them to different video tracks in CapCut on your PC.

    2. Is it possible to adjust the opacity of overlaid videos in CapCut? Unfortunately, CapCut does not have a direct feature to adjust the opacity of overlaid videos. You may need to use additional editing software for this purpose.

    3. Can I overlay text or stickers along with videos in CapCut on PC? Yes, you can overlay text, stickers, and other elements along with videos in CapCut. Simply add these elements to separate tracks above your main video track for an overlay effect.

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