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    How To Add TEXT Behind OBJECTS In Premiere Pro

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    How To Add TEXT Behind OBJECTS In Premiere Pro

    Today, we will guide you through the process of putting text behind moving objects in Premiere Pro. Follow the steps below to achieve this effect in your videos:

    1. Start by creating your text. Select the Type Tool, click on your preview window, and type in your desired text. Make any necessary adjustments to the text in the Essential Graphics panel.

    2. Extend the duration of your text layer to match your video layer. Duplicate your video layer by holding Alt and clicking and dragging the video layer above the text layer.

    3. Search for the Color Key effect in the Effects panel and apply it to the top video layer. In the Effect Controls panel, use the dropper tool to select the background color behind your subject. Adjust the color tolerance and Edge thinness until your text moves behind the subject seamlessly.

    By following these steps, you can add text behind moving objects in Premiere Pro and enhance your video editing skills.


    Premiere Pro, Text Placement, Video Editing, Color Key Effect, Essential Graphics


    1. Can I use this technique if my subject and background are similar in color?
      • This technique works best when your foreground subject is a different color than the background. If they are similar in color, it may be challenging to separate the text from the subject using the Color Key effect.
    2. What if my text is not showing up behind the object?
      • Make sure you have extended the duration of the text layer to match the video layer and that the Color Key effect settings are adjusted correctly. If the text is not showing up, try refining the color selection and tolerance settings.
    3. Is there an alternative method to achieve a similar effect in Premiere Pro?
      • While the Color Key effect is commonly used for placing text behind objects, you can also explore other effects such as masking or opacity adjustments to achieve a similar result. Experiment with different techniques to find what works best for your specific project.

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